June 16th, 2016

Hey everyone! It’s been a while, how’ve you been? Hot? Yeah, it’s quite hot. My farmer’s tan is quite the look this season. You know what’s also a good look? These wonderful tracks that came out recently. I’ve covered all the bases for you in this week’s selection so let’s get into it!

Maggie Rogers is internet’s latest viral sensation due to Pharrell crying his eyes out to “Alaska” and those emotions are completely valid. I don’t remember the last time a song made my stomach churn to the point of nausea. I guess you can call it a very intense case of the butterflies. By the way, the samples used in this song were made by sticks and rocks. Can’t wait to hear more from Maggie Rogers.

Ya’ll already know my love for Rihanna… but did you know about my love for POMO? He creatively took this classic (yes it’s only been out for a month and i’m already calling it a classic) and made it his own. Must listen.

VenessaMichaels is back in action with her Summer Series! When I first heard this song, I instantly thought about my 16 year old self riding a bike to the annual picnic. Except this scenario is pretty much a lie because if I was 16, I honestly would be making my way to the mall instead of the park. Just for the food court of course. But hey, I “Really Like” Hot Dog on a Stick.

One of my favorite new discoveries, Whitney just came out with their albumĀ Light Upon The Lake on June 3rd from Secretly Canadian. “No Matter Where We Go” is such a feel good jam that’s easily palatable for anyone.

“Voice In My Head” is the type of song where I would feel like my life would not be complete if I didn’t live in California. But I do, so life is great. This video features some Los Angeles quintessentials such as In N Out, Hollywood sign, Santa Monica Pier, and cute dogs.

I. Love. Lil Yachty. One day, my friend Misha and I spent an hour and a half making snapchat videos to “1 Night” at the Souplantation parking lot. Though, that track was a huge hit, I could feel “Check Up” being another one. I mean it’s produced by WEDIDIT’s D33J so you really can’t go wrong.