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March 8th, 2017

I think after twenty-three, birthdays start to become slightly dismal. You don’t receive presents anymore, people stop shoving cake down your throat, there’s no balloons, and you’re one year closer to the end. At least that’s how I feel with my birthday arriving this Friday.

Luckily, there was some incredible releases recently to brighten it up. And my Venmo account is @AndrewIvan if you want to send me money and make it even brighter.

1. The M Machine – “Heart Sandwich”

The M Machine’s new album Glare will satisfy palates of music fans from genre-to-genre, but “Heart Sandwich” was the easiest for me to sink my teeth into.

2. Blanck Mass – “Silent Treatment”

Benjamin John Power, (p/k/a Blanck Mass & 1/2 of Fuck Buttons) just released his new album World Eater on the third of March, and as cliche as it is, it’s literally been on repeat. I bought it on CD a day early, thanks to an extremely chill employee at a record store in San Francisco, and after listening over and over in my car, I went back to buy it on vinyl. [/extremely valley girl voice] It’s like so fucking goooood!!

3. Pixelord – “Axis VIP”

Pixelord is the most exciting artist out of Russia, and in my opinion, the entire electronic music world. His aesthetic can be extremely unpredictable, but you can always expect a ridiculously detailed arrangement.

4. headstone ft. Ca$h Bandicoot – “Yacht Club”

The internet is really neat, and also a very scary place. Like, damn… turns out the CIA is doing CIA things and probably reading this blog post. On the cool side of things, two artists absolutely not from Jersey are making really cool Jersey club music. Melbourne, Australia and Seattle, Washington meet Newark, New Jersey on this headstone and Ca$h Bandicoot collab.

5. Morgan Hislop – “As If The Entire Girl Is Just A Silhouette”

Morgan Hislop’s new song is as fun as the title is long. Really great track. Really long title.

6. Lido – “Murder” (Alexander Lewis & Y2K Remix)

I feel like we’re living in a simulation. It’s this bizarre simulation where a really cool song (or album in this case) comes out, and up-and-coming producers decide to make their own version. It has a feeling comparable to watching the Puppy Bowl. Everyone is trying to get you to look at their puppy, but realistically, all puppies are adorable and deserve your attention. I wish I could post about all of the remixes out there, but I can’t. Sorry to everyone except Alexander Lewis and Y2K…

7. CRNKN – “The Grip” ft. Sara Kendall (Ramzoid Remix)

Ramzoid is only 18 and has so much more life to live. Given his skills in music, though, something tells me he’s going to live most of it behind his computer, staring at his DAW for countless hours, and the rest of the time traveling from show to show.

8. Cosmo’s Midnight – “History” (Bohkeh Remix)

I’m going to see Cosmo’s Midnight perform on my birthday this Friday at 1015 Folsom, and probably hitting the zoo beforehand. It’s going to be a great time, and I’m going to hug as many friends as possible. I wish I could hug Bohkeh and tell him how proud I am of him and of this remix, though.

9. San Holo – “Light” (WhereIsAlex Church Mix)

Yeah, this is another example of a song that was beaten into the ground by so many damn remixes. WhereIsAlex makes it all okay, though, and turns the song into a spiritual experience.

10. Heavy Mellow – “Bat for Lashes Got Me High Once”

Heavy Mellow uploaded sixteen tracks out of nowhere yesterday, with amazing names like “Dru Hill and I Made This In a Past Life,” “Cashmere Cat Saved My Life,” and “Bat For Lashes Got Me High Once.” I have a feeling they won’t be up forever, but enjoy them while they are.

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