April 5th, 2017

Imagine if this entire post was about wooks and the other weirdos who obsess over Bassnectar, and you got to the end of it and there was a new Bassnectar song at the bottom… Okay, well, you might want to break out your crystals and essential oils, because it turns out that it is. If his music isn’t for you, don’t worry about the rest of the music being similar, and really, no judgment there. There’s some jazzy new Slow Valley from Persian Empire’s label Prrrrrrr, some new Lindsay Lowend, a Groundislava song remixed by Shlohmo, new RiFF RAFF, a song produced by a dog named Lil Hank, some RAC, and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Let’s get back to what matters. Have you ever been to a music festival? If not, you’re wondering what the hell do Bassnectar fans even look like. Well, they’re basically white dudes with dreadlocks, who smell like a combination of stinky socks and nag champa, carry around giant crystals, blast ketamine up their nose, and tell you about how spiritual their lifestyle is. It’s either that, or they’re just utterly boring normies, and maybe, just maybe, there’s some middle, grey area between those folks.

Bassnectar’s new song is tight. Whatever. I included it in IHC’s Tracks Of The Week, mainly to write about wooks. WHOOPS! Get over it. I have a popped tire. Do you see me complaining?

1. Young Summer – “Paused Parade” (Lindsay Lowend Remix)

2. Galantis – “Rich Boy” (Said The Sky Remix)

3. Groundislava – “Until Tomorrow” ft. Jake Weary (Shlohmo Remix)

4. Slow Valley – “Same Thing (Watch My Back)”

5. lil hank – “Pupperino”

6. RAC – “This Song”

7. Lil Purpp – “How That Make You Feel” (ft. RiFF RAFF)

8. Dirtyphonics & Bassnectar – “Watch Out” (ft. Ragga Twins)