April 19th, 2017

Lately, I haven’t been able to sleep through the night. Chalk it up to stress and anxiety, but its actually been somewhat of a welcome change. First of all, waking up at 4 am allows me to feel like I’m the only person on Earth, which is simultaneously exciting and relaxing. (Yes, I am an extreme introvert and have terrible social anxiety.) Most importantly, though, I get to listen to music and just dance. It might sound lame, and whatever, it is lame, but its also feels so good to just stretch out your body and move without judgment. If you’ve never done it, here are some tracks that might inspire you to start cutting a rug in your room tonight.

First up to bat is the latest Bishiclet remix of IHC 1NFINITY artist and disco queen of my heart Gavin Turek‘s “Good Look For You”. One listen to that song and tell me you’re not immediately in a better mood. Keeping up the good vibes is Lou Phelp‘s “What Time Is It?” with some fantastic production by the always funky Kaytranada. Next up is NoMBe‘s “Can’t Catch Me”, which is the sonical equivalent to driving really fast down the Pacific Coast Highway with the windows down. It is also endorsed by Pharrell Williams, which is honestly enough for me.

Not vibing with the overly happy jams? Well I’ve got you sad saps covered, too. Cende‘s “What I Want” ft. Greta Kline of Frankie Cosmos is just the right mix of guitar freak outs and bittersweet vocal melodies. Morgxn‘s “xx” is a dark disco jam that channels Fleetwood Mac and is great for slow dances in the moonlight. Lastly, Kölsch‘s remix of Flume‘s “Take A Chance” ft. Little Dragon is a warbly synth dream.

1. Gavin Turek – “Good Look For You” (Bishiclet Remix):

2. Lou Phelps – “What Time Is It?” ft. Innanet James & produced by Kaytranada:

3.  Cende – “What I Want” ft. Greta Kline:

4. NoMBe – “Can’t Catch Me” ft. New Mystics:

5. Morgxn – “xx”:

6. Flume ft. Little Dragon “Take A Chance” Kolsch Remix: