fbpx Tracks of the Week: D&D Soundtrack – IHEARTCOMIX
May 3rd, 2017

I’m currently peaking on the nerd side of my life rn. I’m running through Dark Souls, starting a D&D campaign tonight, getting ready to watch a bunch of Star Wars tomorrow night, and going to see Guardians of the Galaxy 2 the following night. I’m even vaping despite upsetting people for it. If you’re on the same kick as us (and, duh, we-HEARTCOMIX), here are some sounds by Phoenix, WWWINGS, Superorganism, Tony Quattro, and more to geek out to.

1. Phoenix – “J-Boy”:

2. I.L.Y’s – “I Love You Man”:


4. Tonny Quattro – Fuerza (ft. Nani Castle):

5. Superorganism – “It’s All Good”:

6. Jlin – “Challenge (To Be Continued)”:

7. Medasin & X&G – “The Zoo “Um Remix””: