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Tracks of the Week: Double Hit – IHEARTCOMIX Tracks of the Week: Double Hit – IHEARTCOMIX
March 2nd, 2016

Last week got a little crazy because it’s about to be FESTIVAL SEASON! jk. But things did get a little insane over here at IHC HQ because we’re brewing up a lot of cool things for the year. Bad side is that I neglected my favorite segment where I boast about amazing music that’s been coming out in the week. Good side is that we get to present you TWO WEEKS WORTH OF BRILLIANT MUSIC. Are you ready for this? Okay let’s get to it.

Antwon – “Luv”

If you haven’t heard, Antwon is back with “Luv” off of upcoming Double Ecstacy EP from Anticon Records. At first you listen to it and you instantly bop your head to the beat of “show me luv in the booty club” and then all of a sudden you sit still during the breakdown because the stuff he’s saying gets too real. Kind of like the time when you just took your 6th shot of cheap vodka at the function and you contemplate on what you’re doing with your life. Don’t tell me that’s never happened to you. Stop playing with my emotions Antwon.


Eric Sharp ft. Gavin Turek – “Love Can’t Wait”

“Love Can’t Wait” is the newest track by LA producer Eric Sharp with vocals by Gavin Turek. It’s refreshing to hear how Gavin’s beautiful voice meshes so perfectly with the minimal beats instead of the funky vibe she usually goes for (like on her awesome singles “Frontline” and “Don’t Fight It” released on IHC 1NFINITY last Spring!). 2:32 is definitely my favorite part with the amazing echoing, a classic staple for house music executed in the best way here.


Loose Tooth – “Everything Changes”

If you listen to a lot of garage music, you know that much of the music released ends up sounding … the same. I honestly kind of had to take a break from the genre all together for a little while. However, Loose Tooth’s “Everything Changes” comes in as the perfect empowering post break up ballad with lyrics like, “It’s time to forget about falling apart over you.” It simultaneously gives me hope that I can get over my stupid ex while making me fall in love all over again … with garage rock! The Australian trio’s debut EP will be released on April 1st on Milk Music, Courtney Barnett’s record label.


Iggy Pop – “Sunday”

I was honestly super stoked when I found out Iggy Pop and Josh Homme were going to release a collaboration album. Then, a few seconds later, I started thinking, “Wait … this could be a really terrible mix.” Luckily, the tracks released so far have actually been pretty dope! “Sunday” is the third and longest release off the upcoming album and it’s definitely worth listening to until the end. It starts off as a kind of dance track reminiscent of Bowie and then unexpectedly evolves into really beautiful strings and horns at the end. 


AshTreJinkins – “Home Burn”

If you love techno and are itching to find that new sound, AshTreJinkins will give you just that. His debut album Zone Of The Enders just came out last week off New Los Angeles. “Home Burn” has that organized chaotic sound that you can’t stop listening to.  Get his album if you’re into it!


The Range – “Five Four”

“Five Four” is a track from the upcoming The Range album out at the end of this month. This track samples vocals James Hinton pulled from an obscure YouTube video of rappers OphQi and SuperiorThought freestyling. It reminds me of a concept album I thought about making when I was drunk: an album where the lyrics are all just horrible YouTube comments you run into that make you lose faith in humanity. Except that would be terrible and this track is bewilderingly beautiful.


Public Eye – “The Hours”

Holy shit guys … this took me a good hour to choose which song to write about from their brand new EP Mood Change Party. So I recommend you go to their Bandcamp and listen to the whole thing over and over and over again. Shoutout to Public Eye.


Explosions In The Sky – “Logic of a Dream”

Last but not least is Explosions In The Sky’s spankin’ brand new song “Logic of a Dream.” Not only are they one of my favorite bands but it’s the one band that I could listen to during anytime of the day. I don’t want to describe the track in its entirety because it’ll ruin some elements of surprise. But let’s just say “Logic of a Dream” takes you on an emotional ride similar to the first few months of a terrible breakup. I listened to this last night at 4 a.m. and couldn’t go back to sleep because it’s so hauntingly beautiful.

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