February 15th, 2017

This weekend, I spent my time helping my family prepare for the stereotypical, overly-extravagant wedding. My brother got married, and it was one of those weddings you’d see in a movie. The scene started with a ceremony at a greek orthodox church, where lots of fancy footwork and praying was done by what I assume was a couple of pastors. (I say assume, because I’m not at all religious, but anyways…) After the ceremony, we did the whole party thing. There was an awfully diverse array of delicious food, an insanely dressed up and tasty cake, lots of champagne and bottle popping, and of course, a whole lot of friends that my brother and his bride met at music festivals throughout their lives. Oh, and my wonderful and slightly dysfunctional family. It was lit. It really was— and it was cool how music festivals, and music brought so many great people into their lives, and watch them all have fun together on another special occasion.

Following the whole shindig, I had some time to meditate, and I realized I’m at a point where I’m happily alone. Just me and my headphones. This week’s roundup is inspired by the thing that’s brought some of my favorite people into my life, and what brings you here in the first place– great songs.

1. RYAN Playground – “Emily” (From First To Last Cover):

2. Annie Hardy – “Want”:

3. Rationale – “Tethered”:

4. FKJ – “Go Back Home”:

5. NAO – “Get To Know You” (Kaytranada Flip):

6. Lafa Taylor & Aabo – “Run To Me” (starRo Remix):

7. Richie Quake – “Hesitate” (Matt FX Remix Ft. Mari & Yung Skrrt):

8. Anna Lunoe – “Radioactive” (Vices Remix):

9. Thundercat – “Friend Zone”:

10. Vanessa White – “Good Good”