February 8th, 2017

For some unknown reason, my parents let me watch the horror film, Chucky, when I was 5 years old. Needless to say, I was way too young for that shit and I had nightmares every single night for 2 years straight. I was so terrified of going to sleep because I knew the moment that I let go of consciousness, Chucky would be there on the other side with a brand new way of killing me. Sleep deprivation can really fuck with your sense of reality. To this day, I find myself realizing a lot of the childhood memories I had were probably just dreams or a side effect of a weak sense of reality. Strangely enough, I’m experiencing this phenomenon again. I’ve been having nightmares every night and find myself constantly snapping myself out of bouts of depersonalization. Fortunately, it hasn’t particularly affected my everyday life yet. In this spirit of this though, this week’s Tracks are inspired by types of dreams.

Homeshake is back with another hazy dream of a track that I’ve been playing an utterly insane amount of times since it’s release. Producer Paul White and Danny Brown also released a new cut today, accompanied by a hilarious video of a man chasing his evil brain throughout London. Our favorite Grime-lord, Stormzy, has returned with “Big For Your Boots” which shows a slightly smoother side to his usual nightmarish and harsh sound. Also, listen to the 8-bit remix of M83‘s “Go!” and tell me you don’t have major daydreams about flying through space. The sweet track “I’m Good” by Corbo ft. Remy Kay feels like a lovely dream you have when it’s raining outside and you take a nap just for fun. Finally, dope new tracks by iLL Brown and Orchin soundtracked my daydreams this week as well.

1. Homeshake – “Khmlwugh”:

2. Paul White ft. Danny Brown – “Accelerator”:

3. iLL Brown of TeamBackPack Ft. Freddie Gibbs, Bj The Chicago Kid & G-Wiz- “Friends”:

4. Stormzy – “Big For Your Boots”:

5. M83 Ft. MAI LAN – Go! (8-bit version)”:

6. Orchin – “Ego Deathbed”:

7. Corbo ft. Remy Kay – “I’m Good”: