August 22nd, 2016

If you’re looking for a Frank Ocean album review, you won’t find it here. In fact, you won’t find a single Frank Ocean song here for two reasons: 1.) I haven’t listened to it yet, and 2.) Believe it or not, there are actually other artists who are releasing cool shit right now too. So take a deep breath, and relax. Your Frank Ocean infatuation can take the back seat while we talk about a few of our other favorite artists on Tracks of the Week.

Danny Brown – Pneumonia

Danny Brown has been teasing the internet for the long anticipated release of his forthcoming album Atrocity Exhibition. He had previously released the single “When It Rain,” accompanied with a wild music video that we had featured here on Videos of the Week. Produced by Evian Christ, “Pneumonia” is Danny Brown’s latest teaser for the upcoming release.

Mr. Oizo – End Of The World (feat. Skrillex)

In my twenty-two young years of being alive, I would have never expected to hear a collaboration from Mr. Oizo and Skrillex. But it happened, and it’s beautiful. The slowed down breakbeat sample combined with a heavy synth and synthetic vocals make this track something that is completely unique and different. I really hope to hear more music like this in the coming months leading up to 2017. A production with a hat tip to the past, while simultaneously implementing new sounds of the present.

Cosmonauts – Heavenspeak

Just last week, Cosmonauts released their latest album A-OK! on Burger Records. While “Heavenspeak” has a somewhat post-punk/hazy alt-pop influence, other tracks like “Doom Generation” contain a bit of the signature Cosmonaut sound and talent. They may or may not be playing Beach Goth this year; I couldn’t tell you. But I recommend checking out the line-up.

Joe Hertz – Playing For You (feat. Bassette)

The soulful beats and sounds of Joe Hertz will have you feeling some type of way; guaranteed. This slow tempo track seductively eases the listener into a chill mood. Bassette’s voice dances so perfectly along to the percussion in a soothing fashion. “Playing For You” is available on iTunes and you can expect to hear Joe Hertz’s forthcoming EP “How It Feels” on Juicebox Recordings.

Roosevelt – Fever

Without a doubt, “Fever” is the most popular track from Roosevelt’s latest self-titled album. If I could sum it up in three words, I would call it an “Ode to Summer.” A longing for hot days spent on the beach, wind in your hair, a cool beverage in your hand, and sand all over your face. I highly encourage you to not go to the beach, but instead, listen to this album in its entirety. While “Fever” retains an alt dream-pop sound, my second favorite track from this release is slightly different. I envision Roosevelt’s track “Moving On” as the direction that tropical house could have gone if it wasn’t tainted by the likes of Thomas Jack and Kygo. I’m not salty; I swear.

Kid Froopy – bb (four missed texts)

Kid Froopy is hitting the scene hard with some solid productions. Froopy’s latest production “bb (four missed texts)” is about “a bad situation that feels too good to turn away from.” An excellent production coupled with catchy lyrics. If you like what you hear, I recommend check out the Kid’s NEST HQ premiere track, “UP.” We don’t know much else about the producer other than they make dope beats and we can’t wait to hear more.

EDX – My Friend

I can honestly say I never expected to be writing about EDX, but this is pretty cool to finally be able to speak about one of his tracks. Enough of me fan-boying, “My Friend” is the latest release from the Italian native artist. This house track reminds me a little bit of the early days of Sebastian Ingrosso and Axwell. You can find this track on Beatport as it just released today, August 22nd!