July 27th, 2016

If you’ve been following the American politics lately then you know that shit has gone HAYWIRE. I mean as someone who used to not care about who becomes president, I felt like I was in panic mode when I saw that Trump could actually win. Where has this nation gone to? Is America now a nation full of stubborn, angry, and ignorant people? I’m not in a position to answer these questions but i’m in a position to give you great music. (you like that transition there?)

Jay Som – I Think You’re Alright

Just like my views about Hilary Clinton, I think she’s alright. I had the pleasure of seeing Mitski for the 6th time a few weeks ago. This time was even better because she went on tour with Japanese Breakfast and Jay Som! It’s refreshing to see an opening act being just as good as the headliner. The guitars in this track sound so lovely and her vocals are so perfect. My favorite part is at 2:25 when you can hear kids having fun in the background which then transitions into a guitar solo. Oh how I love this song and Jay Som so much.

Jagwar Ma – O B 1

It’s been too long since Jagwar Ma released a track. I think the last time they put something out was during the time when the biggest news in politics was about Malia Obama wearing Pro Era. “O B 1” is their new single from their upcoming album Every Now & Then. To me, their latest track has notes of distinct sounds that resembles Nine Inch Nails. Okay, don’t get mad at me for that one. Overall, this is a grade A song.

RKCB – Elevated (Nikö Blank Remix)

Sometimes you just have to kick back and relax after a long day at work, browse some dank memes, hit up SoundCloud for a bit. This groovy track from RKCB is quite the masterpiece. Nikö Blank’s remix takes the soulful R&B sounds of RKCB, and infuses it with a unique future bass sound. Taking things to the next level with a punchy kick, warm synths, and some vocal melodies, Nikö Blank mixes everything together to create the perfect song in paradise.

MSTRKRFT – Runaway

Damn, it’s been a while since the last full-fledged release from MSTRKRFT. Their last album, Fist of God from 2009 was a big influence for me growing up. It introduced me to a lot of new music: Toxic Avenger, South Central, The Bloody Beetroots, Cyberpunkers, and Alex Metric to name a few. To be honest, my favorite track from OPERATOR is actually “Little Red Hen;” it’s what I imagine a Soulwax vs. Boys Noize collaboration would sound like. But “Runaway is a close second and it has this dope music video for it too.

FAN FICTION – pr3ssur3

Our last select for tracks of the week is “pr3ssur3” from Fan Fiction. The track is an edit of Rob & Jack’s song “Pressure,” featuring vocals from Paul Aiden released on Sosumi Records. Fan Fiction flips this track into a heart pounding adrenaline thriller. No one really knows the origins behind Fan Fiction’s fascination for 160 bpm. Some say he was born listening to nightcore, we think it may be induced from watching anime for extended periods of time. All we know for certain is that we love this track and if you liked this, you should also check out “Otf” — a killer edit of AutoErotique and Hunter Siegel.