fbpx Tracks of the Week: Perspective Shift – IHEARTCOMIX
March 22nd, 2017

Having a shift in perspective can sometimes be so hard to come by, but when it happens, it can determine how you carry yourself in the world, and really, how all of the pieces in life fall together. Whether it happens from finding out that Shaq entertains the idea of the earth actually being flat, a trip into the wilderness, like what I’ve experienced over the past eight days, or listening to someone whose experience or teaching aligns with your point of view. Those little adjustments to attitude and your outlook on life can mold the way you future comes together. I can’t speak for the whole music community, but being presumptuous, I would imagine artists have a lot of these aforementioned enlightening experiences by doing something new or practicing an old technique until magic comes of it. A lot of what lands people in a successful career in the arts is luck, or rather a matter of being in the right place at the right time. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any strategic moves you can take to push yourself to a high tier, and that doesn’t mean you can’t succeed at any level. I think your perspective on what success is, is important, though. For me, I try not to measure mine in financial well-being, and rather the fact that I’m successful enough to do something I love every day, and that I have friends who support that idea.

A lot of this week’s playlist consists of artists I’ve been paying attention to for a long time, some since the beginning of their project, and all of who I have nothing but gratitude towards their contributions to the music world. PS. Shaq is right… The Earth is flat.

1. Mura Masa – “1 Night” (ft. Charli XCX)

Charli XCX is a queen. Her SOPHIE produced EP Vroom Vroom was the crux to an addicting spree of purchasing music, instead of relying on label promos. From there, I’ve went crazy and visited all three Amoeba Records, and purchased albums that have got me through some rough times and some bumpy drives. There’s no hiding about my love for Charli XCX— doesn’t matter how mainstream she’s become –she consistently adds replay value to songs, like this Mura Masa collaboration for instance. I can probably sing you some of her songs from beginning to end, and I have absolutely zero shame about that.

2. Anohni – “Paradise”

Anohni’s album Hopelessness was one of the first albums I bought on CD that I’ve sat down and tried to dissect. The politically charged messages behind that album are only digestible for me at certain times, but Paradise seems to be a bit more accessible to me. Nevertheless, it shares the same power that I’ve loved from Anohni since the vocal version of “Returnal” six years back.

3. TastyTreat – “Velvet Poolside” (ft. Saphir)

John and Devin, professionally known as TastyTreat, are artists I’m proud to say I’ve had my eye on since the beginning of the project, and it’s been nothing but a pleasure to watch them rise throughout the years. I’m very privileged to have met these guys, and got lost in the desert at Lightning In A Bottle in 2015 with them. Their new tune “Velvet Poolside” shows artistic growth, but shares the integral components of their style that you would have heard in their releases a few years back.

4. Enya – “Only Time” (Manila Killa Edit)

If there was anyone in the world I would love to spend ten minutes of time with, just to chat, it would be Enya. I try not to say this a lot, but she is my queen. I would probably die by the sword for Enya. She literally lives in a castle. You can’t really get much cooler than Enya. Manila Killa‘s edit of her hit track “Only Time” features nightcore vocals, and a buttery drop that is definitely going to make some noise this festival season. Maybe he’ll get to visit her in her castle… idk.

5. Anamanaguchi – “Miku” ft. Hatsune Miku (Ben Aqua Remix)

Try not to sing along to this song. … … … “I’m thinking Miku, Miku — oh eee ohhh.” This entire compilation of Anamanaguchi remixes is consistent AF. Ben Aqua‘s remix didn’t necessarily steal the show for me— they all had a really unique quality to bring to the table —but it was the one that I wanted to hear again right after playing it. I sat in a Starbucks and listened to it five times in a row. No bullshit.

6. Jimmy Edgar – “Wow”

Dude. Jimmy Edgar is a fucking legend. Like, do I really have to write a couple sentences to express that truth? He is a sound design and modular synth genius, and his new tune “Wow” has an 808 that you can only describe as thicc. So damn THICC!

7. Jlin – “Nandi”

Jlin just announced her new album Black Origami, out on Planet Mu records May 19th, which includes the percussively mad tune “Nandi.” Stay peeled for updates regarding the album, because it’s obvious to say it’s going to be fucking crazy.

8. X&G – “Bando”

When I first discovered X&G, by way of their collaboration with Josh Pan on “Anomaly,” I knew they were going to be some of the fastest rising artists, and will, with no doubt, “go places.” Their sound design is next fucking level, and that is not far from the truth with their new tune “Bando.”

9. Ivy Lab – “Forex VIP”

London based trio Ivy Lab has been one of the groups that I have fallen head over heels for, and loved every release they have put out, since their official remix they did for Sub Focus a few years back. Their new EP is jam packed with half-time tunes that any drum n bass fan or music nerd can sink their teeth into, or grind their teeth to.

10. Jesse Slayter & G-buck – Body Talk (IVARR Remix)

I don’t want to say I saved the best for last here, because all of these tunes hold their own, but IVARR is one of the best people I’ve ever met. Back when I lived in Orlando, he was one of the most welcoming dudes I came across. Always trying to tell me jokes in loud environments, like the iconic Sunday party Shake N Bass. When I saw he dropped a new one, I already knew it was going to be fire. His collaborations with all of the Orlando family, like Vices, K1K0, Ma-Less, and Big Makk have always been set at an admirable level of sound design and skill, which I’ve always looked up to, and hoped I could one day achieve. His new remix for G-buck and Jesse Slayter is absolutely fucking grimy. I can already picture drinks being poured down people’s throats at Shake N Bass while this song is playing.

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