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Tracks of the Week: Post-Halloween – IHEARTCOMIX Tracks of the Week: Post-Halloween – IHEARTCOMIX
November 2nd, 2016

I must finally come to terms with the harsh reality that Halloween has come and gone. The grogginess has set in, and the post-Halloween drowsiness is almost a little too much for comfort right now. Last week was full of some insane parties with some fantastic music, but the fun doesn’t stop there. This week, it’s my priority to stay on top of things and keep the groove going into the weekend as there are still a ton of events happening all across Southern California. I’ve got my headphones plugged in, laptop charged, and playlist set; it’s time to dive into Tracks of the Week.

26CARAT – Droppin’

I decided to kick off this week’s selection with a bit of a wild one. After first listening to this song, I had to immediately rewind it and put on my headphones to achieve that full sense of immersion. While spending some time on the artist’s SoundCloud page, I noticed that the one thing that remains consistent with each 26CARAT song is that beautiful 808 bass. Generally speaking, I think it’s safe to say that when you have an 808 beat that kicks hard, people are going to dig it. If you have the time, I highly recommend checking out 26CARAT’s full page. He’s put together a remix for Kiiara’s song “Feels,” and has several great stand-alone singles including a collaboration with Myrror.

Geowulf – Saltwater


Within the last few days, I’ve been primarily caught up in this weird never-ending cyber-journey through indie/artist-friendly labels around the globe. Yesterday, I happened upon London based label 37 Adventures and went on a quick perusal through their catalogue. A few clicks later, and I was introduced to Geowulf, the Australian dream-pop duo, comprised of Star Kendrick and Toma Banjanin. Together, their song “Saltwater” beckons the listener to the sea in a surge of melodic synth tones and sonic waves. Cleverly tagged as “beach pop,” it truly is a beautiful song, and I couldn’t pass up the chance to add it here. The music video serves as the perfect embodiment of the song as both Star and Toma travel the streets of the big city enjoying the small things in life.

The 1975 – Somebody Else (EMBRZ Remix)

It’s not often that you bump into a fellow Irishman, unless you’re in a pub of course. This next track comes from Jack Casey, AKA EMBRZ, a producer straight out of Dublin. Having spent almost the past two years now on a remarkable music spree, EMBRZ just released his latest remix of The 1975’s synth-pop masterpiece, “Somebody Else.” EMBRZ flip of this track turns the melancholy song into a dance floor-friendly banger. The remix is reminiscent of the classic Madeon-type electro/nu-disco movement of 2010-2012. While managing to maintain the original synth-pop sound of The 1975, EMBRZ has executed another brilliant remix.

Ryan Hemsworth – Commas (feat. Adamn Killa)

We’re happy to be bringing you the latest and greatest from the one, the only, Ryan Hemsworth. With Adamn Killa on the track, the two have created a remarkable synth-influenced trap tune that is both unique and refreshing. As a general observation, Ryan Hemsworth’s earlier music from this year was more percussion focussed. But since his release of “In the Sky” with Nebu Kiniza, it’s seems he’s found this perfect balance between beautiful sounding percussion, alongside the added accompaniment of pleasing melodies. In their own separate endeavors, Adamn Killa and Ryan Hemsworth have both been on a tear in the past few months cranking out music. Keep your ear to the ground and don’t pass up on their new work.

KingJet – Necklace (Prod. by C.Z. & KingJet)

We’ve covered both KingJet and C.Z. in the past, but never before have we covered the two artists on a collaboration of this scale. We still don’t know much regarding the alias behind who “KingJet” really is. Our guess is that it could potentially be a side-project of an LA-based producer(s). There’s also the possibility that they are new to the scene and they’re just that dope. Either way, for the sake of the artist(s), “they” (being KingJet) teamed up with C.Z. to knock this one out of the park. If you’re not familiar with the name, we previously covered KingJet’s track, “Do It (Aye)” almost three months ago on Tracks of the Week. Without a doubt, the artist(s) under the moniker know how to write and produce some prime music. Then you have Colby, a phenomenal producer and the kind of dude who’s always hard at work with his music. When you put together a small group of individuals who are passionate about their craft, they’re bound to make something dope; and these guys did exactly that.

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