October 5th, 2016

After a crazy past couple of weeks filled with non-stop back-to-back action, September has left us sufficiently out-of-breath. From last month’s AlunaGeorge debut live stream, to Wednesday’s Party Stream, the beginning of October isn’t letting up. This past weekend has been spent shooting for an upcoming IHEARTCOMIX 1NFINITY music video. And coming up next in the near future, we have Festival Supreme on our hit list. Unfortunately, there’s hardly anytime to relax, but once a week, we enjoy putting together these little playlists to maintain whatever bit of sanity that we have left.

SKULS – Knuckles

I’ve low key been creeping on SKULS ever since I stumbled across their three track EP on SoundCloud, Free Information. Having also been an avid fan of Rinse FM, it was a pleasant surprise hearing SKULS featured on an episode with Plastician. Eventually, the duo would later go on to release their EP Lost Knowledge on Plastician’s label, Terrorhythm.  Fast forward to the present, and SKULS is serving up a brand new two-track EP entitled, Transient. Straight from the EP, “Blok” and “Knuckles” retain the duo’s signature cinematic soundscapes, and bring forth an intensity that is unparalleled to previous releases. Each track sounds bright and clear; the percussion practically glistens with beauty. SKULS knows how to produce an instant favorite.

MADEIRA – Manipulator

I just recently stumbled across MADEIRA while poking around some related tracks on SoundCloud. The next day, while driving through Koreatown with my girlfriend, she plugged in the AUX cord and started playing this song. It was an instant favorite, and every track off the their Bad Humors album is worth giving a listen. I wish I could write more about this project, but unfortunately, there’s not much out there about them. Without a doubt, I am definitely looking forward to hearing more from MADEIRA in the future.

Mesita – Blank Slate

Keeping with the sort of mellow relaxing theme of this weeks track arrangement, we have Mesita’s “Blank Slate.” This indie rock band from Colorado reminded me of a mixture and variety of a few other of my favorite artists. The lead singer’s voice lingers on notes almost similar to Thom Yorke’s voice, and the cheerful guitar melodies reminded me a little bit of Mute Math. All in all, if you like what you hear, the entire album is available on BandCamp for you listening pleasures.

Solange – Don’t Touch My Hair

Solange, where to begin? Can we go ahead and give Album of the Year to her? Like damn, this song alone is a-maz-ing. I didn’t know much about her, so I turned to the World Wide Web to gain a better understanding of who she is. Having interest in music from an early age, Solange released her first studio album at age sixteen. With a heavy influence from female-fronted Motown groups, Solange has written for Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland. By her 20’s, she broke Billboard’s Top 10 with her second studio album. There’s been some commotion on the internet as to what this song means to different people. But I think amidst the hubbub, it’s generally safe to say you should not touch someone’s hair.

White Lies – Come On

White Lies is one of my favorite bands and they just came out with their new album entitled, Friends. I first came across their music after hearing “To Lose My Life” in an episode of Vampire Diaries (low key, the best show ever) and I was immediately hooked. Harry McVeigh’s voice reminds me of several artists from the 80s and I’ve always found it unique compared to most groups today who all sing the at the same high octaves. With Charles Caves on bass, and Jack Lawrence-Brown on drums, the trio is an unstoppable force. Their album drops this week and you can expect to catch it on all outlets; I’ve already got my money ready.