September 1st, 2016

If you are remotely familiar with astrology, or maybe you have a few Facebook friends always posting about their horoscopes, than chances are you have already been informed of Mercury’s impending retrograde. If you’re remotely curious and want a full explanation, click here. Does Mercury’s Retrograde have you in a funk? That’s fine. We’re bringing you a fresh batch of songs to fit your playlist for September; let’s dive in.

Innanet James – Frequency feat. The Kount

Innanet James just released his new album Quebec Place, and it’s become an instant favorite of mine. James’s previous release with The Kount, “Summer,” made big waves on SoundCloud as an absolute banger of a song. This time, the two of them collaborated once more to create a track with the same amount of G-funk synths and pleasant rhyme scheme as ever before.

of NEUS – Lose Control (feat. Victoria Dogan)

Fitting the funky theme of this week, we have this Electro/Nu Disco track from NEUS, featuring the vocal talent of Victoria Dogan. Hailing from Paris, France, NEUS has been a part of the underground electro bass scene for quite sometime. As a multi-instrumentalist with a versatile set of talents, he’s created a variety of tracks across multiple genres. In 2012, he went so far as to start his own label, Fuck the Sound Records, which has grown to encompass a collective of artists, musicians, and business professionals alike.

Wingtip – Need Me

Wingtip’s back at it again, and this week we’ve included his latest song, “Need Me.” This song is a certifiable Disco banger, and it’s guaranteed to get a crowd up and on their feet. The pitch shift on the vocals is perfectly executed alongside an otherwise flawless production. It sounds incredible, and I’ve had this on repeat for a pretty good portion of today.

VenessaMichaels – Do U Feel feat. Leven Kali

The final song of VenessaMichaels summer series is here! After a debut premiere on Beats 1 Radio, “Do U Feel” features the incredibly soothing vocals of Leven Kali. When you start to breakdown the song and listen to the lyrics, it’s easy to start feeling dispirited. Listening to Leven Kali as he’s pleading for a fading love is pretty rough, but the vibe is picked up again in the chorus when VenessaMichaels brings in the wavey synths and squeaky bed RnB sample. Despite her summer series having come to an end, we’re looking forward to hearing more from VenessaMichaels in the future!

Amber Arcades – Fading Lines

This last addition isn’t anything nearly as funky as the rest, but I came across this song while on my commute this morning, and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share it here. Signed to Heavenly Recordings, Amber Arcades is the moniker of Dutch-born musician Annelotte de Graaf. As the title track to her latest EP, this song serves as a melancholic dream pop masterpiece. If you’re a fan of DIIV or Sunflower Bean, I wager you’ll like this song very much. The music video is fitting as her Mazzy Star-like voice softly carries you away on a sea of endless clouds. If you’re really feeling down in the dumps during the retrograde, this is the song to remind you that everything will be alright.