June 29th, 2016

Is it just me or do you consider 4th of July weekend to be the weekend that marks the half year. It’s insane to me that 2016 is halfway over. There has been so much great music out that I would tell my grandchildren, “2016 was the golden year for spicy tracks.” (I’ve been using the term “HOT” too much so i’m switching it up with the word “spicy”)

I wanted to start this week’s tracks with Ryan Hemsworth’s remix of NOTHING’s “Nineteen Ninety Heaven” because this is something that I thought would never happen in my years of existence on this planet earth. I first heard of Philadelphia’s NOTHING when I was begging my friend Kevin to recommend me music for my 24 hour road trip from St.Louis to Los Angeles. Needless to say I was instantly hooked on their greatness. What’s even more amazing is this remix from Ryan Hemsworth. It’s brilliant because though the original and the remix sound completely different, the remix still preserves the emotions that you get from the original song. Highly recommend listening to both tracks side by side. Check out NOTHING’s bandcamp here.

“Free Love” has to be the greatest track that came out this week and it definitely deserves all the attention. Not only is this track filled with the greats like Lil B, Halsey, Malik Yusef, and Le1f but the message is the shining star here. Scrolling through the comments and a lot of people are giving it flack for being “too cheesy.” Well you know, sometimes songs have to be blunt to get the point across! Also, I just want to note Halsey’s incredible line “crazy lil white girls say they trynna free the nipple but they be quiet when somebody pulls a gun on a misfit.”

I know. Damn.

Wingtip’s “Missing You” is labeled as Disco. Now, if this is the direction where disco is going, then i’m 100% down. Not only is this groovy but i’m in love with the vocals in this track. I feel like if I played this for a group of people, we would all lowkey be clapping in unison. Okay that’s probably not going to happen but a girl can dream.

A new track from Moving Castle! I always get excited when this label releases new music. Virtual Riot and Madi did not disappoint me with “Flutter.” What’s really cool about this song is that in the chorus, you can hear the “flutter” in the melodies. I’m wearing headphones and it’s making my ears tingle. I’ve listened to this track about 15 times now and you should too.

Last week we threw a 90s Rave warehouse party and it was such a fun night that it got me listening to all the old jams. ATB has got to be one of my most favorite producers growing up because of his signature high pitch squiggly whistle sound. Similar to the sound that resembles a stripper sliding down a slinky. Just listen to “9 PM” and you’ll exactly know what I am talking about.