May 18th, 2016

This past weekend, the IHC team was blessed to be involved in this magical three-day event in Arcosanti Arizona called FORM. Leaving this place I came out with a brand new perspective on life and so did my colleague Isabelle. I was so inspired by everyone around me that if I was a musician, I would crank out six mix tapes this week. Instead, my obsession with music vastly increased to the point where I just want to glue my headphones to my ears permanently. With that said, here are the tracks that I’ve been obsessed with this week.

Please note that there are no songs from Drake’s Views nor Radiohead’s A Moon Shaped Pool even though I’ve been playing those two albums on repeat.

Sampha – Timmy’s Prayer 

I’m incredibly ecstatic about Sampha’s return. He never fails to put out tracks that empathize with the listener. The lyrics in “Timmy’s Prayer” reminds me of R&B songs in the 90s. I think that’s what gives it this nostalgic feeling to it. But then again, I used to listen to a lot of Boys II Men so that might just be me.


JMSN – “Cruel Intentions”

I’ve been preaching the word of JMSN for a long time now but it was hard for me to explain to people why he’s as amazing as he is. Now, with his brand new album It Is., I can show everyone why this man is brilliant. I will never forget the breathtaking performance he gave with Ta-Ku in Los Angeles. He’s on tour now so go catch him at a city near you. No, his PR person didn’t tell me to plug this in. I genuinely think you should go out there and catch him before he blows up like Miguel.


Gavin Turek – “On The Line”

If you ask me which artists inspires me to work hard, I’d put Gavin Turek in my top 10. This extremely talented girl is the definition of star power. I mean it was only last fall that she came out with a bunch of songs with TOKiMONSTA and now she’s nonstop with the single “On The Line” out on Hit City Records. You know what’s interesting? I keep on hearing people say that “Disco is back.” If that’s so, then Gavin Turek has to be leading that movement.


Eagulls – “Skipping”

During my college radio days I would listen to probably five hours of new music everyday. It sounds like a good idea until the second hour. Kind of like the time when you crave fried food so you just gorge on fried shit until grease is coming out your pores and you feel like a turd. Well this particular band from the UK, Eagulls, got me out of that funk in the midst of repetitive sounds. Their new music reminds me of The Cure a lot which if you don’t know, is my all time favorite band. If you’re into that go check out their new album Ullages.


 Moses Sumney – “Everlasting Sigh”

One of my favorite performances at FORM would have to be Moses Sumney. In the beginning of his set he told everyone to mimic this note in unison. He then tapped his microphone which created a stunning beat that resulted in the instrumental for “Everlasting Sigh.” After that performance I immediately went on all social media platforms and wanted to learn everything about him. This lead me to his YouTube page and in his description it reads, “I sing. I write. I’m in Los Angeles. I’m gonna make it.”

Yes Moses. You are most definitely going to make it. Oh and uhm … call me.