August 23rd, 2017

I’m not one to fangirl…

Who am I kidding? Yes, I am. Regardless, there is no one in my little overly-excited heart that rivals King Krule. I’ve been a fan of him since he was a young, 16 year old known as Zoo Kid, singing sweet songs in a high pitched voice. Now, he’s all grown up and known for his baritone voice that croons viscerally slicing lyrics over musical grooves that cut just as deep. Whenever he releases anything, about 10 different people will text me with the news, not knowing that I probably already know about it because I have notifications on for him on Facebook and Spotify. Yeah… it’s that serious.

I wanted to make this episode of Tracks of the Week my top 6 favorite King Krule songs, but that would be rude considering a ton of musical gold was released recently. So, scroll on, and enjoy the latest from Amber Mark, Syd, Avey Tare, Tyler the Creator, and Ross From Friends.

1. King Krule – “Czech One”:

2. Amber Mark – “Heatwave”:

3. Syd – “Bad Dream/ No Looking Back”:

4. Tyler the Creator – “ZIPLOC”:

5. Avey Tare – “West Palm Beach” (Will Oldham Cover):

6. Ross From Friends – “Crimson”: