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April 26th, 2017

I’ve been AFK, due to the lack of wifi in the middle of nowhere, in East Tennessee, living by a river, but damn, Daniel, I am back at it with the white vans. Spending my existence on the river, paddling whitewater on a daily basis, I haven’t had the desire to really do much of anything else. It’s been nothing but eat, paddle, sleep, and of course, watch everyone get lit off of moonshine. Needless to say, life is really good right now. However, I have missed digging through the internet and finding new music, so I bit the bullet and decided to be a responsible boi this week, and sort IHC’s TOTW.

There’s new shit from Frank Ocean and Travis Scott, a rly dope remix of Cosmo’s Midnight by Instupendo, a new Moving Castle release, a D.R.A.M song with A$AP Rocky and Juicy J, and some other rly dope shit. I didn’t experience Coachella FOMO, but after logging onto the web this week, I definitely realize I’ve been on sleep with some releases.

1. HOUNDS & baht – “Morning Star”

To kick things off, we’ve got Tennessee’s own Baht teamed up with Canadian beatmaker HOUNDS. I’m not really one for trap bangers these days, but the spooky vibe on “Morning Star” caught me completely off guard, and about knocked me out of my chair.

2. Cosmo’s Midnight – “History” (Instupendo Remix)

Instupendo is one of the dopest up-and-comers, at the moment, so it’s really tight to see him on the official remix for Cosmo’s Midnight‘s latest single.

3. DNMO & Sub Urban – “Broken”

Okay, I realize how hard I’ve been sleeping on Zeds Dead’s label Deadbeats. After scrubbing through their SoundCloud, I noticed they’ve released music from some of my favorite artists around. Everyone from Memorecks, REZZ, Kid Froopy, Champagne Drip, and now, DNMO & Sub Urban. The gritty, metallic textures on this tune are way too fucking hype.

4. MYRNE – “Afterdark” (ft. Aviella)

I’ve noticed a lot of “EDM” labels get really rad producers with corny, manufactured vocals on topline, and sometimes hits are made like that. However, MYRNE‘s new tune “Afterdark” is accompanied by really crisp vocals from Aviella, which don’t deduct from the amazing production. If I was like a Pitchfork writer or some shit, I’d probably give this tune a 7.2, which is pretty damn good, but that’s probably why I’m not a Pitchfork writer. I’d be like Oprah with the ratings. “You get a 7, you get a 7, everyone gets a 7!”

5. VALENTINE & 4AM – “Us” (feat. Naji)

VALENTINE and 4AM‘s newest tune “Us” starts off like it’s going to be a cute little ditty, but holy moly, son, does it take a turn for the better. The crispy, glitched out synth work on this tune comes out of left field, and makes for one of the most fun tunes to drop yet this year. That bridge before the outro is the icing on the cake, too.

6. POLO – “6kid”

POLO tagged this song as Alternative Rock, but that’s definitely an alternative fact. “6kid” is a distorted, autotune power-ballad.

7. Swordfish – “Ghost Song”

My buddy who writes for Pitchfork wrote about this one, and I’m just following his lead, tbh. Swordfish is rly rly tight, and this gives me the most nostalgia. The horns on this song are so pretttyyyy…

8. D.R.A.M. – “Gilligan” (ft. A$AP Rocky & Juicy J)

Big Baby D.R.A.M., A$AP Rocky, and Juicy J… I chugged a few energy drinks, and blasted this while driving really fast, (but still doing the speed limit, because I’m a good boy,) through the dirty south, and I feel like I’m in my element.

9. Frank Ocean & Travis Scott – “Lens”

I haven’t stopped playing Blonde or Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight since they dropped. I went out and bought the CDs for both of them, and despite having an excessive amount of CDs to chose from in my car, I’ve mainly been listening to Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight over and over. That being said, this is everything I’ve wanted to hear from Travis Scott and Frank Ocean. They pair together so damn well. Whoever produced this really needs a shoutout, too, because the progressive nature of the beat just works. It’s perfect. GOAT status on this shit.

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