Trash Talk Release “Cloudkicker” Single off forthcoming “No Peace” Album!

April 22nd, 2014

Trash Talk Release “Cloudkicker” Single off forthcoming “No Peace” Album!

Today, OFWGKTA’s Trash Talk released the first single Cloudkicker from their upcoming album No Peace out on May 27th. ¬†One of the most notorious of all hardcore bands, Trash Talk have been touring the world sharing their insane show performance internationally. The highly anticipated No Peace album will be their first full length since 2012 and is expected to offer the same gritty, give no fucks attitude Trash Talk has always maintained.


Cloudkicker is a rampant and rowdy rager that pulses with energy and power chords accentuated by Lee Speilman’s epic and unmistakable rasp. Shredding guitars and a flurry of drums crash through the song relentlessly reinforcing their hardcore roots. Distorted verses make those clean chorus lyrics totally screamable and maniacle. Stream the new track and pre-order the new No Peace album now!

Pre-Order No Peace.