fbpx Travel Through Time and Space with Tycho's New Video "See!"
May 14th, 2014

Today, Scott Hansen, known to the music world as Tycho, released his latest music video for See off his latest release Awake out now on Ghostly International. Known for his tranquil and ambient sounds, Tycho has recently adopted the use of live instrumentation that’s taken him beyond the realm of IDM. Now a trio, with the addition of Zac Brown (guitar, bass) and Rory O’Connor (live drums) the new album Awake incorporates a fully developed sound that ushers in a stylistic shift for Tycho!


The new video for “See,” premiered on the Creator’s Project  this morning, directed by Bradley “GMUNK” Munkowitz, who appeared in the behind-the-scenes features as the design director of Bot&Dolly’s “Box” and the making of the CGI in the film Oblivion.The pairing seems to be destined for each other as the collaboration produced a kintetic and visual sensory experience, that fully embodies the sonic wavelengths. Munkowitz takes us on a journey through space and time as we see our heroine following her wooden beacon and mysterious cloaked guide, first through a dense forest, rolling desert hills, and eventually to seaside mountains. Each landscape uniquely different but seen through infrared eyes revealing a parallel universe and color scheme hidden to most. Watch the music video and pick up Tycho’s latest album Awake below!

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