January 31st, 2014

Today my main Portland dudes, TxE, debuted their  video ‘This Town’, the new single from their album VS PTLND.  Featuring vocals by Sallie Ford and verse by Portland hip hop veteran Vursatyl of Lifesavas, ‘This Town’ touches on a pretty sore subject from Portlanders as of late: the struggles of trying to come up in a smaller city and trying to put it down for PDX. As Sallie Ford screams ““Who gives a shit about this town?”… TxE does.


TxE consists of 3 people constantly on their grind:  Tope, Epp and G-Force aka Calvin Valentine. Its not easy to come up in a city like Portland, a small city with little to no money.  Gray skies and lots of feelings, TxE are really making a go at trying to put it down for Rip City.  Trying to climb their way out of a place where a lot of people seem to get stuck and frustrated, or just give in and settle for going through motions and getting by.  Taking a different route on their new record VS PRTLND, they’ve aligned themselves with a lot of the major indie rock bands in the city, taking samples from the likes of Starfucker, Nurses, Typhoon, Blouse and more.  Theres alot of talented people in the city of Portland, TxE are among those.  Three members of IHEARTCOMIX staff is from Portland.  And yes, Portland is EXACTLY like Portlandia….

Download or “name your own price” TxE’s new record VS PRTLND here.