Viceland Bus at SXSW Recap

March 23rd, 2017

Viceland Bus at SXSW Recap

HI THERE. Our ten days in Texas were so action-packed that we cannot contain our recaps within a single post. Escapades with Viceland Bus were so wide-ranging and vast, that it almost feels like we were down in Austin for longer than we really were. It was tons of fun and totally worth the time perception warp. Here we go:

Our excursion began on Saturday in one of the most wonderful ways possible; our favorite gal Grumpy Cat joined us for an excursion of some of our favorite Austin landmarks in celebration of the launch of Grumpy Cat’s Worst Game Ever. We stopped by The Capitol, Graffitti Park, and Capitol Grill despite some constant and ruthless rain that slowed our roll a bit. Nevertheless, Grumpy Cat was as grumpy as ever (she’s actually the sweetest thing) while meeting patient fans.

The next day, we joined our buds over at KickButt Coffee for a reggae show and lots of dancing.

We changed the format a tad bit on Monday and headed West over to Rio for Twitch x Reddit for interviews with Adrian Grenier and Jeremy Scahill.

We rolled over to the Viceland Party Lot on Red River on Tuesday and kept an open format (i.e. we hot boxed the bus) with fans and a rotating door of amazing guests including Meyhem Lauren.

By Wednesday we needed a vitamin jumpstart because the chaos was only just starting to unfold at the Viceland Party Lot with Paradigm Presents: The Cookout at Half Step plus an impromptu IHEARTCOMIX Showcase afterparty on the bus .

On Thursday, we ignored our tinnitus and days-old hangover for a private artists brunch courtesy of Impossible Foods before venturing on with the rest of our day. BBs Potty Mouth, Blaenavon, Nef the Pharaoh, Twelve Len, and Denzel Curry stopped by throughout the day.

On Friday, we smoked blunts with Redman on the bus. That is all. Festival over.

Just kidding. We headed to 1AMBounce for a mansion party with MikeWillMadeIt, Ugly God, 24 Hrs, Pell, 070, Smooky Margiela, Bizz-e-Blaze and special guests. BUT THEN ON SATURDAY…we had Jay 305 getting a trim on the roof of the bus, PNB Rock stopping by before Make Trap Great Again, as well as visits from Cardi B, Lil J Sean and Mozzy.


Amy Parks Photography

Then…we died. Jasmine went on to catch bronchitis, Natalia cried in a corner after her brain melded Austin and LA into one city and Franki got some well-deserved sleep.