July 26th, 2016

You know Comic-con International San Diego is like our thing, right? I-HEART-….. (you get the idea)


We just got back from a 5 day trip down into the belly of the beast. We partnered with our buddies at VICELAND (VICE’s new TV channel) and A-OK Collective to throw 3 days of ridiculous events based around a custom party bus created JUST for this trip. It was insane to say  the least!


Daytimes will filled with interviews and events w folks like Action Bronson, Doug Benson and Brandon Wardell, we through open bar happy hour sessions and at night we drove around terrorizing the con with loud music, terrible karaoke and an obnoxious group of SDCC celebs that would do anything for a party. Every night was an adventure in it’s own right too wild to recount here.


We ended the whole weekend with a HUGE FREE party at House of Blues SD. The night featured performances by Shlohmo (DJ), Anamanaguchi, Yung Jake, DJ Douggpound, Franki Chan and Dem Ham Boys. The whole was hosted by Brandon Wardell and we had about 1400 people cram into that spot. It was funnnnnnnnn and there was nothing else like it at Comic-con, so you’re welcome. Afterwards a bunch of Suicide Girls, the Workaholics bros, Ryan Hemsworth and all the artists piled on the bus for one last hurrah.

I’m gonna miss ya, girl. Check out some highlights below and see them all HERE.