March 10th, 2016

Hey, girl. Or … guy.

… Sup.

Have your eyes seen any moving images this week? Fascinating, tell me more. Uh huh. I see. Interesting.

Well since this is a two-way conversation, here are my five favorite videos to grace the internet this week. Saddle up and let’s ride this stallion into the … QuickTime player?

1. Dinner “Cool As Ice”

God this dude is so hot, and now he’s cool too? Just shoot me, seriously. The way he sings into the camera and how his voice sounds makes me think that he’s juuust on the verge of bursting out laughing at how ridiculous he is, like he’s making fun of himself. But it doesn’t come off as self-deprecating, instead it’s like a vaguely giggly modern post-punk, synth-wave lookin’ thing that I swear is making me ovulate.

Halfway through the video, he puts on sunglasses and feigns “coolness” like he’s clowning his own song, and that’s when things really start to heat up for me hormonally.

Also, his name is Dinner.

I would like to take him to dinner.


2. Daedelus “Interpretations”

This video is of particular interest because Daedelus looks like he should be butchering your rabbit meat in 18th century suburban London, or at least pickling severed toes in vinegar to help abate your bubonic plague infection, but instead, he’s in this century, enthusiastically pushing buttons and looking mighty vintage doing it.

It’s cool to see him in action, and definitely gives some clout to the whole “DJs are live performance artists too!” war cry.


3. Seth Bogart “Club With Me”

Shit Seth, I’ll club with you if that’s what the club is going to look like.

This video takes you, once again, inside the highly stylized, VHS-plastic world Seth Bogart has created for himself. It’s one of pastel, club-wear, Peggy Nolan, drag queens and hilariously endearing visual comments on the world of commercialized beauty products. In it, he and a few fine friends take a stroll through this landscape, urging you to dance and tell yourself his dubbed-baby voice is real.

This song is off his brand new self-titled album, which just dropped in February.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I fucking love Seth Bogart. Read an interview I did with him here.


4. Jimmy Kimmel’s Batman vs. Superman video extravaganza

After the Oscars a few weeks back, the stars of Batman vs. Superman took to the Jimmy Kimmel show to participate in his post-award show revelry. Ben Affleck showed up to introduce both a clip from the actual film and a skit involving Kimmel that teased the tense scene in the movie where Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent finally meet.

The skit dives even deeper down into inside joke territory when Kimmel’s long-running Matt Damon feud makes a cameo.

Check out the clips below, and see the movie LIVE and IN PERSON (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) March 25th.


5. The new Game of Thrones Season 6 Trailer AAAAHHHHH

Is Jon Snow dead? Probably not. Will there be more CGI wars and dragons and weird sex this season? Probably. Do we know yet why all these people want this throne so god damn bad? NEGATORY, CAPTAIN.

But what’s perhaps most important about this trailer is that there’s a cover of Chris Isaac’s “Wicked Game” playing in the background to stir your emotions and remind you that probably everyone you see on the screen is gonna die die die. I love that song.

Season 6 comes out April 24th on HBO.