Videos of the Week: One Direction Is In Our Office

Posted by Isabelle 8 months ago in Film


This week in moving images was particularly easy on the eyes. As Sundance ended (we were there, check out our coverage here), all sorts of trailers and short films from the festival were released to the public, and we’ve got some of our favorite ones here today. Also, for your well-deserving ass, we’ve got some less high-brow trailers for the plebs, and a music video from Mr. Oizo, the French electronic musician who also makes insanely good films like Wrong, Rubber and Reality.

But perhaps the most exciting thing this week? One Direction dropped the video they shot in our parking lot, meaning our parking lot has currently achieved a higher and more prestigious level of fame than we ever well. Plus it’s better looking and funnier. Fuck.

Here are this week’s top videos.

1. Blackout

And over here, we have Exhibit A, in which Dev Hynes of Blood Orange does a Chewbacca impression and plays truth or dare … BUT THIS GAME OF TRUTH OR DARE IS DIFFERENT. Every time someone says a truth, the lights go on, a very literal take on honesty if you’re asking me.

Directed by Andrew Zuchero with help from Catfish‘s Ariel Schulman, it’s part of a series of 10 shorts commissioned by Derek Lam and it recently played at Sundance.


2. One Direction – “History”

You know those days when when One Direction takes over your tastefully urban parking lot at work and shoots a music video where they’re all cute and hug and stuff? This is one of those days. And yes, 1D actually did shoot this video in our lot. They blacked out our windows so our gawking, ogling faces wouldn’t get in the shot.

This is only the first part of the two-part series … the second of which was also shot dangerously close to our rapidly beating hearts.


3. Mr. Oizo – “Hand in the Fire” (feat. Charlie XCX)

Sock puppets engaged in lust-fueled road rage on the PCH? This video really understands what traffic in L.A. is like.

French electronic producer/film director Quentin Dupieux (aka Mr. Oizo) recently enlisted Charli XCX for his Hand in the Fire EP, and this is the video for the title track. Directed by Meat Department for NOODLES, it features the return of Flat Eric, Mr. Oizo’s trusty puppet friend who’s also done some work in Levi’s commercials and my wet dreams.

Mr. Oizo is currently working on a new album, to be released by Ed Banger later in 2016.

4. The Zoolander 2 Trailer

Why is this not called “Two-lander,” or more fittingly, “T00-lander?” Like, get it? Because they’re beautiful but dumb?

… “2-lander?” Help me.


5. Green Room Trailer

Described as “my favorite video of Sundance” by Franki Chan, and an “unforgiving slice of breakneck cinema” by someone whose name is too small to read in the titles, Green Room is the story of and indie band that gets in deep shit after someone is murdered in the green room at one of their shows.

They’re then imprisoned in the green room by some assholes and the wheelchair guy from X-Men, and they’ll have to fight their way out if they want to live. Color me horny about it.

Really, guys, this trailer has it all: post-scene haircuts, a band who “really cares” about the music, horror, murder, skinhead mayhem, dimly lit rooms and most importantly, Maeby from Arrested Development (Alia Shakwat).

And guys, I’ve been in a green room before. This film really nails what that’s like.



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