Videos of the Week: Kill for Me

Posted by Isabelle 8 months ago in Film

videos of the week kill for me

This week, a lot of moving images made us feel funny. Some were music videos, some were trailers, and some were Ghostface Killa trying to see us hash oil.

BRB asking step-dad terry for a $20.

1. Madeaux – “Kill For Me”

Jesus Christ there are spiders in here. Lots of insects. I will totally kill for Madeaux if he’s talking about bugs. Insect murder is a hobby of mine. Whatchu want, spiders? Flies? I have weapons. I have salt guns. I have two fists of fury. I dare you to crawl on me or suck my blood or be gross in my bathtub.

2. Breakbot – “2GOOD4ME”

OH SHIT THESE MEXICAN PEOPLE ARE BEING WATCHED BY JAPANESE PEOPLE BEING WATCHED BY ENGLISH-SPEAKING PEOPLE. This Latina harajiku babe is cute and cuddly but will probably also stab you with her umbrella, because she has that dead look in her eyes. Literally could not be hungrier over Breakbot‘s perfect depiction of Mexico’s obsession with Japanese culture.

3. Suicide Squad trailer

Every famous actor comes together to silence Jared Leto. Why the fuck isn’t this until August 5th?

4. Pee Wee‘s Big Holiday trailer

Literally pee-weed myself in excitement, thank you for asking.

5. This weird-ass Ghostface Killa hash oil commercial/ music video thing

He’s got some hash oil called Wu-Goo and he wants you to have it. Vaping: the people’s sport.

Ghostface Killa: “If you wanna read ya book, if you wanna focus … if you wanna fuck, this right here is your shit.”

Nice lady: (silence)

Try to convince yourself this isn’t a Tim & Eric episode.


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