Videos of the Week: Made Entirely of Cats

Posted by Isabelle 4 months ago in Film


I’ll be the first to acknowledge that not every video in this list has cats in it.

Some have Antwon in them. Antown is not a cat.

Others have robots. Again, not a cat.

KAYTRANANDA is not a cat, but look, I still accepted him.

There are cats in here, though. I wouldn’t lie to you about that.

If you can find them, you can find peace.

Anyway, here are six videos that ruled this week.

1. Antwon – “100k”

In the video for “100k,” Antwon takes command of a California cult, whose members consume a steady supply of mysterious purple drank while tracking down deserters and infidels. To be fair, I feel like every mansion party in L.A. is like this, but he does a really good job of depicting that “Is this cough syrup or is this Kool-Aid” feeling you undoubtedly get at one of those. Oh, and Ratking’s Wiki pops up too.

The track is off his latest EP, Double Ecstasy.


2. How to Share With Just Friends

A nice little video tutorial that shows you how to release targeted spews of your bullshit to your Facebook audience, i.e., leave me out of it.

3. KAYTRANADA – “Lite Spots”

This video is so … fucking … cute.

In it, rapper and man-with-a-good-sense-of-humor KAYTRANADA builds a homegrown robot in his garage. The two fall in love in a very father-son way, and spend the day dancing and getting down around unincorporated suburbia.

Guaranteed to make you smile, and if you don’t you’re probably dead, in which case say hi to my grandma for me.



SHINyan: it’s Japan’s all-feline tribute to K-pop boy band SHINee. This soon to be legendary 5-cat group has made its debut in a video Crunchyroll describes as “startling,” and I for one, could not be more startled.


5. Radiohead – “Daydreaming”

You’ve probably seen this because you lick the ground that Radiohead walks on, but Paul Thomas Anderson (Inherent Vice, Boogie Nights, Punch Drunk Love) directed it which is why I wanted to put it on this scientifically accurate list of best videos. He also directed not one, not two, but five videos for Fiona Apple, to which the 14-year-old girl in me vehemently cries “YAAASSS.” Respect.

Also, Thom Yorke’s face constantly amazes me, and it really gets a lot of airtime in this bad boy.


6. … And of course, this:

Waiting for the much-anticipated sequel: Korn on the Kob.



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