May 6th, 2016

Sup, babies?

We’re back with another edition of Videos of the Week, your weekly round up of videos … of the week.

This time, we’ve got about 4-5 or maybe 450 insanely beautiful music videos, an erotic, gender-less short film, and trailer for a feature-length that literally has the best soundtrack of all time except for Not Another Teen Movie.

Let’s jump right in.

1. Pumarosa – “Cecile”

There is some crazy virtual reality shit going on in this video from Pumarosa, a fucking great British band with only like 3-4 songs that I can internet. If you know of more, please fax them to me. “Cecile” is one of their singles from earlier this year.

Usually, I tend to see the current state of virtual reality as prepubescent; as existing but not quite being sure of itself quite yet. IDK, I guess the shitty visuals just make thankful for my boring ass normal eyeballs.

But this video makes really good use of it. It makes it seem as if VR is a thing that can connect you to not only other people, but yourself. And other worlds. Pure Wow Volume 69.

2. Butch Bastard announces his existence

We all know and #respect Josh Tillman of Father John Misty. So when he tells us “Don’t sleep on Butch Bastard,” we listen. And that’s exactly what he told us. Via an email from Butch Bastard.

Speaking of, Butch Bastard is the pseudonym of singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, performer, producer, and director Ian Murray, formerly of Poor Moon. Originally from Seattle, WA, Murray moved to LA where he created Butch Bastard in his bedroom.

His forthcoming album features his secret crush, the aforementioned Josh Tillman of Father John Misty and also Jonathan Wilson. And like Josh Tillman, he’s great at funny lyrics.

Here he is announcing his very catchy existence in his LA bedroom surrounded by bras. WHOSE BRAS ARE THEY THOUGH?!

3. Evvol – “Physical L.U.V”

This is a really beautiful little erotic short film from the Berlin-based darkwave-pop group, Evvol.

They introduced the film by saying, “We feel ‘Physical L.U.V’ is a pop song for 2016, a truth-telling story about motivations and expectations, and we wanted a video to match that,” the band said in a press release. “Produced in rural Germany, our short film tells the story of Luka, a genderqueer teenager whose everyday life consists of creating creamy ice-cold milkshakes in a gym and taking good care of the equipment. The story begins when Luka hitches a ride from a farmer in a tractor after work and encounters his daughter. Back at her parents’ dairy farm, they experience a special kind of ‘Physical L.U.V.”

The track is off their new EP by the same name.

4. TOKiMONSTA (feat. Johnny Pierce of The Drums) – “Giving Up”

In this video for her gauzy, dream-like single “Giving Up,” our girl TOKiMONSTA stars as the center of a bizarre love triangle between Johnny Pierce and some rando rich dick, but the only way TOKi and Johnny can be together is by huffing some hallucinogenic dentist office gas. Can definitely relate.

Speaking on how this unlikely collaboration came to be, TOKiMONSTA told The FADER that she had long admired Jonny’s work from afar. “His music has always been inspiration to me, though we are probably seen as artists that exist in different areas of the musical spectrum. Us being able to work together signifies that breaking barriers can result in some pretty cool stuff.”

5. Boys Noize – “Starchild” feat. Poliça

“Starchild” is the latest single off Boys Noize‘s recent album Mayday. Featuring Poliça herself in a nude leotard and clear raincoat, the stunning video really gets at that feeling we all have that we’re secret outsiders. No matter how well we camouflage it, we don’t belong here.

By the way, where in God’s fuck can you get a transparent raincoat like that? I mean I have Saran Wrap, but …

6. The Desire Will Set You Free trailer

Based on a true story, Desire Will Set You Free is a feature-length narrative film that portrays artistic and marginalized life in the bars, sex clubs and parties of contemporary Berlin. But more importantly, it has the best and most important sound track of any film ever. The soundtrack draws the film’s subcultural wellspring, featuring selections from alt-royalty like Peaches, Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, Rummelsnuff, Dev Hynes of Blood Orange and Samantha Urbani, Molly Nilsson and more.

Peep the trailer, and wonder aloud why you don’t live in Berlin.