March 21st, 2017

Hi all. We are back from SXSW and… fuck… I am deliriously ill and endlessly exhausted. I did have lots of fun though. Most of my time was spent on the Viceland bus where I met Grumpy Cat, Adrian Grenier, and even though I don’t smoke weed, experienced the honor of Redman passing me the blunt. When I wasn’t on the eternally hotboxed vehicle, I somehow managed to finesse my way into Wu Tang Clan, Thievery Corporation, The Roots, and Gucci Mane. It was tite.

Now that we’re back, I’ve been sleeping 12 hours a day to make up for 10 days of sleeping 2 hours per night. When I am awake, though, these are the videos that have been distracting me from the horrible flu and sore throat I managed to catch.

  1. James Blake – “My Willing Heart” Starring Natalie Portman:

  1. Jonti – “Scrood”:

    1. Xiu Xiu – “Wondering”:

  1. Explore Radiohead’s Music Video for “Karma Police”:

  1. Kelly Lee Owens – “Anxi”:

  1. A New Sunrise Over Sunset ft. David Lynch & Kyle MacLachlan: