Videos of the Week: Exercising with My Demons

Posted by Jasmine Peraza 2 months ago in Film

Summer is here in all its burning glory. For everyone else, this is a time of having fun and frolicking at beach BBQs, but for me, it’s a yearly realization that I probably should have eaten a little less pizza and gone to the gym more. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not hating on my chunky homies one bit, but as the temperatures rise and wearing less and less clothing is a necessity, I get a little self conscious about my winter blubber and start to run again. (Albeit, a little too late). However, as anyone who has ever done long distance running can tell you, your mind can go to strange places. Sometimes, I do algebra problems in my head to get my mind off the pain. Sometimes, my inner demons manifest themselves into strange visions. That’s why this week I bring you lots of weird videos to fuel your exercising daydreams. Or, at the very least, you’ll have some cool new tracks for your workout playlists.

1. Metronomy -” Night Owl” 

Metronomy just released their fifth album “Summer 08 at the beginning of July and have already put out two music videos. “Summer 08” is actually the first album recorded solely by Joseph Mount since their first album. The eighth track, “Night Owl,” is one of those songs that became an instant classic for me the very first time I heard it. The music video features Joseph Mount, a traveling brain, and Death looming around every corner and Rolls Royce back seat. We also get to see Joseph murdered by all his friends in a strangely comical way. The surreal video was directed by Mr. Oizo, electronic musician and director of Rubber, the infamous film about a murderous tire.

2. Hinds – “Warts”

Next up, we have Spanish indie rock band Hinds’ music video for “Warts,” which probably wins the award for Best Visual Composition of the Year in my book. Seriously, I would frame and hang every shot of this video in my room. The stunning, technicolor video tells the story of a girl who kills four witches in order to be with her true love.

3. Tobacco – “Human Om”

It might just be my irrational fear of masks, but I think Tobacco’s new video probably wins the award for Creepiest Video of the Year. Nevertheless, I have been watching/ listening to this video on repeat for over an hour. The repeating, distorted synths we know and love Tobacco for somehow put me in a trance that is so addictive. “Human Om” is the first track off his upcoming album “Sweatbox Dynasty” which comes out in August.  

4. Game of Thrones Narrated by Samuel L. Jackson

Despite all the gratuitous sex, Game of Thrones is actually a really complex, dialogue driven show. However, because there are so many plot lines running at the same time, sometimes it’s hard to remember who that character is, who they are aligned with, etc. Luckily, HBO has just given us this short video summarizing some of the most important GOT story lines, all hilariously narrated by Samuel L. Jackson.

5. Suicide Squad Extended Trailer

Just when we thought we couldn’t be more excited to watch Suicide Squad, WB has thrown us another bone and given us a full two-and-a-half minute extended trailer of the film! I can’t wait to watch this when it finally comes out August 5.

6. Factory Floor – “Ya”

After three long years, Factory Floor has returned with a new music video for their song “Ya,” off their “25 25” LP, which comes out on DFA in August. The video features a girl playing with a synthesizer made out of plaster, made by Factory Floor’s Nik Void. The song has been making me want to do another mile on the treadmill every time it has come on at the gym this week.


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