Videos of the Week: Incredible Feats

Posted by Jasmine Peraza 2 months ago in Film

Sup babes? How’ve you been? …. Oh I’ve been good. I just got back from my annual trek to Outside Lands, which was interspersed with drunkenly watching the Olympics late at night in our hotel room. So yeah, I guess you could say I got a lot of really great cry sessions in – what with Radiohead performing an amazing set and that very special feeling of awe mixed with life regret I get whenever I watch humans perform incredible feats. So in honor of the Olympics, in addition to the usual music videos and shorts, I bring you some hilarious sport fails to help you feel a little better about your life choices.

1. Sundance NEXT FEST Trailer:

If you haven’t heard yet, Sundance Next Fest is kicking off in Los Angeles this weekend on August 12. One of the coolest things Sundance has their hand in is the Ignite Fellows Program which mentors creative people aged 18-24. Three of those Ignite Fellows Program members joined forces to create this trailer for NEXT Fest. The short by Courtney Jines (director), Tara Clune (motion graphics), and Kayla Briët (music) will air before every screening. Next Fest’s already fantastic schedule was beefed up at the very last second with world premieres of music videos from Neon Indian, Blood Orange, and Mark Pritchard (feat. Thom Yorke). Head on over to their website to purchase tickets before they sell out!

2. Ducky – “Bliss”:

August 12th is definitely going to be a great day because, in addition to Next Fest, Ducky’s EP Don’t Give Up Yet comes out on Ryan Hemsworth’s label Secret Songs. “Bliss” is one of four tracks to be released on the EP. The video for the song is sci-fi in a very subtle way but still doesn’t fail to blow your mind. For about 4 minutes, this video will have you thinking that Ducky’s song is the driving force of the universe as everything unfolds so perfectly to the beat of her song.

3. Daughter – “No Care”:

Earlier this year, Daughter released their latest album Not to Disappear. The fast-paced “No Care” is definitely a highlight on the album and the video is equally cool. It was filmed in an abandoned apartment complex that the band claims was haunted. The dancer in the video echoes this by violently flailing around and even throwing in a little Exorcist backwards crab walk into the mix.

4. Sunflower Bean – “Come On”:

The band performance video is probably the most played out music video trope, but Sunflower Bean manages to keep this one fun with silly props, creative editing, and stop-motion. It doesn’t hurt that this song is extremely catchy as well. Don’t miss their performance this Saturday, August 13 after the GOAT screening at Next Fest. Buy tickets here.

5. Banoffee – “Ocean”:

Banoffee never ceases to amaze me with how much emotion she can inject into such quiet, minimal sounds. Her beats and synths start off so subtly, and when the song climaxes, you’re kind of left feeling forever changed and grateful for having the opportunity to experience such an otherworldly treasure. In this video, we get to see Aisha Kuryana dance along to Banoffee’s song, moving perfectly in time to the glittering beats.

6. Divers Landing Flat on Their Backs

Just like you, these divers won’t be going to the Olympics this year. This one especially hurt to watch because it reminded me of the time I tried to look cool by jumping off the roof into my pool, but just belly flopped so hard that I incurred some internal bleeding. At least they get to chill in a warm jacuzzi after destroying their backs.

7. Soccer Mom vs. MMA Fighter:

This video made me laugh way too hard and then it immediately made me really sad. Like, who let this happen? Did the soccer mom really think she had a chance? If you win against someone who never had a chance is it really winning at all? Still, I spit-laughed just looking at the soccer mom’s facial expression before going in and Ilima “The Eliminator” Macfarlane’s creepily proud face at the end.


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