January 24th, 2017

Wow, I’ve had an exciting week to say the very least. I just returned from my first Sundance Film Festival and I am still beaming… and extremely sleep deprived. If you didn’t know, we produced the premiere party for Kuso, steve’s (aka Flying Lotus) first feature film. The party was absolutely amazing and we all had a great time letting loose while rubbing elbows with tons of talented actors and musicians alike. If you weren’t able to watch the insanity that is Kuso at Sundance, you can get a glimpse of it by watching the trailer below.

While we were in Utah, Trump was also inaugurated as President. I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t in denial about the situation until it actually happened. I kept thinking that if there was a God, he’d stop this travesty from happening… right? On the very same day, Franki and I watched An Inconvenient Sequel, which I highly recommend. It was extremely sobering to see how drastically climate change is affecting the Earth right now. However, it was also incredibly moving to learn about all the practical things we are doing, and can still do, to save Mother Earth. Focusing on all the horrible events that are happening right now is disheartening and understandably makes people want to escape to other countries… or even Mars. However, a big message of Al Gore’s film is that we still have a fighting chance at protecting our home by fighting those in power with our values and the truth.

The next day, we all participated in the worldwide women’s march, which was incredibly inspiring, and reminded me to stop being in denial and hang onto hope. We may not be able to impeach Trump (yet…), but I do believe we can survive the damage he is causing by being kind to ourselves and to others, by continually making art, and by doing our part to save the Earth. With this in mind, I’ve selected some great videos that I feel embody the spirit of that message. Without further ado, here are your videos of the week!

1. Kuso Trailer:

2. Father John Misty – “Pure Comedy”:

3. Bonobo ft. Nick Murphy – “No Reason”:

4. Joe Goddard – “Music is the Answer”:

5. Angel Olsen – “Pops”:

6. Gorillaz ft. Benjamin Clementine – “Hallelujah Money”:

7. Logan Trailer: