June 9th, 2016

This episode of  Videos of the Week is especially eye-pleasing, and it’s not just because it’s chock full of chicks either. As we get closer to the election in November, and as the insane possibility of Trump actually becoming president starts to hit me, flashing images of post-apocalyptic America have started rattling around in my brain. Not in a scary way, though. I’ve always kind of romanticized the idea of a dystopic world since I saw Mad Max as a little kid. But in order to survive any hostile situation, you’ll need some resourceful friends. So this week’s roundup of videos includes music videos and a short film featuring badass girls (oh and Skrillex and Chance the Rapper, too) that I am now publicly inviting into my post-apocalyptic girl gang.

1.  “Sun to Sun”, KENZO Pre-Fall 2016 movie

This short film from French fashion brand Kenzo is based on the classic Japanese folktale, Momotarō, but featuring an all-girl cast instead. The film begins with a grandma telling Momoko the story of her birth from a peach. We then see her riding bikes with her gang of delinquents around neon-lit Japan. Then, the film seamlessly transitions into an animation which is equally as beautiful as the first half.

Despite the fact that the film is supposed to highlight the clothes in their pre-fall collection, my favorite part of the film is actually the super cool demon-faced motorbikes that they ride around on. My girl gang will definitely be seen cruising the badlands on those bikes.

2. Blonde Redhead – “Dripping”

Blonde Redhead is hands down one of my favorite bands, and the music videos they’ve been releasing this year have only heightened my love for them tenfold.

Even though they already released a music video for “Dripping” back in 2014, when their album Barragán came out, Eric Wareheim decided to make another one for the track anyway. Inspired by femdom erotica artist Namio Harukawa, this video features tons of girls sitting pretty doing various things. Then the camera zooms out and we discover that they’re all nonchalantly sitting on guys’ faces. Just what my post-apocalyptic crew needs – girls who never break a sweat.

3.  Tangerine – “Sunset”

Next up, we have Tangerine’s music video for “Sunset” which features the band taking a lovely walk in the woods only to find a giant white cocoon. They take it home and start wailing on the pale object with a hammer. But instead of a butterfly emerging from the shell, a gigantic slimy pink monster named Tangelus comes out. Can someone get me the contact for this monster? My crew is gonna need some muscle.

4.  Banoffee – “I’m Not Sorry”

“I’m Not Sorry” is the newest music video to emerge from Australian artist Banoffee’s EP Do I Make You Nervous?. The song is her rejection of all the things society tells women that they should be. She explains, “Woman [sic] are brought up bound and gagged in shame for being different, for giving a shit, for being ambitious—all because we’re powerful. We can’t be accused of black magic anymore, but it’s so entrenched we’re now killing ourselves to try and mentally survive. I guess I’m saying I’m done saying sorry.”
The lyrics to her song are impeccable, and its video companion is equally flawless. It features the singer looking at herself in a room full of mirrors, and later confronting herself looking like a space alien goddess in an amazing patent leather outfit and neon orange eye makeup. This is totally what my girl gang would wear, but I can’t wait for the apocalypse. I need this outfit in my life right now.

5. Hundred Waters, Chance the Rapper, & Skrillex performing “Show Me Love” on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Hundred Waters never fails to make my eyes… sweat, but watching this live version of them playing “Show Me Love” with their friends Skrillex and Chance the Rapper had me bawling at the beauty of their friendship. I was holding back tears the entire time, but when they all get close together and quickly take the chance to hug in the middle of performing the song, the flood gates let loose. This is sincere friendship, and that’s the most important part of any crew.

6. The Greasy Strangler

Last but not least, we have the trailer for The Greasy Strangler, which doesn’t really fit into my theme at all… but fuck themes, right? They suck. Anyway, this film looks equally grotesque and insane. It was controversial at its Sundance and South by Southwest screenings, to say the least. It usually isn’t the type of film I’d be into but it’s one of those films that are life-changing in that you will never be able to erase the images from your mind. Plus, the cinematography is actually pretty nice to look at even when something disgusting is happening on screen. The film takes place in a surreal version of Los Angeles and explores a father and son’s competition for a woman named Janet’s attention. Soon after, a murderer named The Greasy Strangler emerges and we get to squirm as we watch him kill his victims.