Videos of the Week: Sad, Sad Affleck

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Do you ever just like … secretly delight at another man’s pain?

I do. Definitely. Especially when that person is millionaire Ben Affleck going through some emotional turbulence after being told his movie sucks major balls. I don’t know, I can’t help it.

Anyway, Neon Indian has a new video directed by a dear old friend of mine that I’ve never actually seen and spoken to once named Derrick Beckles. Other than that, I’ve got a whole bunch of nerd-ass nerd-shit for you to get all overheated and horny about for this week’s video selection, so I hope you and your eyeballs are READY TO HAVE SOME FUN.

1. Ben Affleck reacts to bad reviews of Batman V Superman

HahahahahahaAAAAAA. I lost it when Simon and Garfunkel came on.

2. Thao from Thao and the Get Down Stay Down and Merrill from Tune-Yards make so much fun of that New York Times Bieber, Skrillex and Diplo video about how genius is made

Did you see that video? It’s about how “Where Are U Now” was made. It’s in black and white, has footage of clapperboards so you know how rustic and intimate the production was, and is full of squirrely little animations that pay homage to the greatest threesome that wasn’t the one I had last night (not): Skrillex, Bieber and Diplo. I’d really rather watch these dudes bang each other than listen to their threesome songs, but New York Times disagrees. The original video they made  is the sappiest piece of shit I’ve ever seen and marred by the very sudden and very distinct Bieber adoration syndrome our great country has come down with as of late, but none of that matters now because Thao and Merrill parodied the shit out of it for Funny or Die.

Balance is restored. Thank you Thao and Merrill.

3. Neon Indian – “Techno Clique”

Neon Indian just dropped this new video off  VEGA INTL. Night School for his song “Techno Clique.” Directed by TV Carnage’s Derrick Beckles, who has much Tim & Eric sensibility but less diarrhea jokes, it features some spacecraft-steaks, and an Alan Palomo DJ set gone terribly awry. Special effects and additional production by Nick Den Boer (aka Smearballs).

4. “The Road to Civil War,” an MCU supercut meant to prime you for “Captain America: Civil War”

This one’s for Franki Chan, who really likes Marvel.

“The Road to Civil War” is another superhero vs. superhero movie, but this time, instead of Sad Affleck and whoever Hot Superman it, it features Avengers Iron Man and Captain America who get in some sort of very prissy bitch fight and have to blow up a lot of things quickly to resolve it and become best buds again.

In this particular video though, the dudes over at MCU Exchange, edited together a string of clips from every Marvel Studios film and television series a to create a narrative that leads into “Captain America: Civil War.”

In theaters May 6th.

5. Loot Crate’s short film “QUEST”

For those of you who don’t know, Loot Crate is a service that packages a bunch of awesome nerd  and gaming gear into a box and sends it to you every month. Comics, figurines, all sorts of the kind of paraphernalia you collect. And every month, these boxes have a different theme, something Loot Crate unveils with a new short film.

This month’s theme is “Quest,” and in this theme video, a curious boy dives into a wondrous fantasy world with the help of some unlikely friends. To be honest, he was supposed to help his grandma clean her attic, and instead he just fantasized, so we’d give him like a 2/5 on the Grandchild Rating Spectrum.



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