August 16th, 2016

I think we can all agree, 2016 has been pretty insane. Not only in terms of things that have actually happened, but also in the amount of fear and anger brewing in the nation surrounding politics. The way some people talk about the current state of the United States, you would think we were at the beginning stages of the apocalypse. I’m so sick of talking about politics, I just want the election to be over with already. I’m not thrilled with any of the candidates we have to choose from and I daydream of a superhero-like figure coming in at the very last second to stop all this craziness from happening. Much like my daydreams, this week I bring you videos where people are dramatically getting saved. These videos might even give you hope for a better future. At the very least, they will save you from boredom.

1. Miya Folick – “Pet Body”:

Last year, Miya Folick released the melancholy Strange Darling EP, which we had on repeat for months. Now, she has graced us with an amazing new single, “Pet Body,” which takes her music in a completely new direction. Her soft vocals have become loud yells with punk influenced guitar and drums to match. We’re very excited to see what else she has in store for us in the future.

2. Weyes Blood – “Seven Words”:

Seven Words is a track off the upcoming Weyes Blood album, Front Row Seat To Earth, set to be released this October on Mexican Summer. Natalie Mering’s lyrics and beautiful vocal melodies are extremely heart wrenching to me, so I appreciate the relief that the slightly silly video brings with its mer-men and cute beach dogs. After breaking up with her boyfriend, we see Natalie hitch a ride from a creepy stranger who kidnaps her and then throws her out to sea. Then, the video takes a magical, dream-like turn. Natalie turns into a mermaid that people exploit for selfies, but soon enough, their psychic connection wakes her ex-lover up and he goes to save her from her near death.

3. Tinashe – “Superlove”:

Flipping the tables a little bit, Tinashe’s video for “Superlove” features the singer and a group of girls playing “Bae Watch” on a picturesque beach. In between dance routines, they repeatedly save men from drowning in the ocean, only to leave them confused on the sand. To be honest, I’d probably forget how to swim too if I saw Tinashe casually dancing on the beach. “Superlove” will be on Tinashe’s upcoming album Joyride, coming out this Fall.

4. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Trailer:

Where did this year go? I remember watching The Force Awakens last December and whining that we had to wait an entire year for the next iteration. Now, we’re so close to December again, I can almost taste it. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story takes place right before A New Hope, letting us know how the Rebels were able to steal the plans to destroy the Death Star and save the galaxy from the Empire’s rule.

5. Luke Cage Full Trailer:

Luke Cage will be released in its entirety on Netflix next month, and we finally get to see the full trailer now. Building on the version that was released at Comic-Con last month, we get to see shots of Luke’s backstory as a science experiment gone wrong and get some insight into how he was convinced to become a crime-fighting vigilante, protecting the streets of Harlem.

6. Hillary Clinton Meme Queen:

Looking back, 2016 was definitely the year of hilarious memes and rage-inducing politics. It was also the first time presidential candidates like Hillary Clinton began using internet memes in order to try to relate to millennial voters, which honestly was just cringey as fuck. This video is a satire of that fact, but it’s so sad to me that this isn’t so far from what candidates are actually doing that some people actually thought this was real.