July 26th, 2016

It might just be because I’ve slept about 14 hours in the past seven days combined, but I’ve felt like I’ve been in a continual dreamlike state the past week. On more than one occasion I’ve had to step back and ask myself, “Is this real? Is this actually happening?” This week, I bring you lots of videos that will make you do just that. It’s ok if you ask yourself any and all of the questions below:

  1. “Is this real… Is  Tommy Cash’s face actually superimposed on a woman’s vagina?”
  2. “Is this actually happening? Has MSTRKRFT actually returned after seven long years?”
  3. “Is this real life? Did Eric Andre actually pull all those stunts at the RNC?”
  4. “Am I dreaming? Is Trainspotting actually getting a sequel, 21 years later?”

All this & more on this Videos of the Week.

  1. Tommy Cash – “WINALOTO”

Tommy Cash is not a regular rapper. Hailing from Estonia, he shows off his fancy horses instead of his cars. His past music videos have included things like terrifying psychedelic animations and Pokemon. So of course I wasn’t expecting anything different for “WINALOTO,” especially when the video’s opening scene includes Tommy Cash using women’s butts as bongos.

You can brace yourself for what’s to come, but I promise you this video gets crazier and more mentally scarring as it goes on, while somehow remaining artistic. We see Tommy’s face horrifyingly superimposed on a woman’s vagina but we also see him recreate Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man. The concept for the bizarre video was inspired by a trip to The Louvre and it really shows.

  1. Unknown Mortal Orchestra – “First World Problem”

With a song called “First World Problem,” you might expect a video of people experiencing irrational anger toward trivial problems like the unreliable servers on Pokemon Go. Instead, we get an amazingly beautiful dance by two people in an otherworldly desert. Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s music videos never fail to be visually pleasing, but usually they involve bright colors and psychedelic imagery. This time, we get a much more visually stripped down video, where the story of a couple’s relationship unfolds through the incredible movements of the dancers.

  1. MSTRKRFT – “Runaway”

It’s been seven long years since MSTRKRFT released their last album, Fist of God, and this week, they’ve finally returned with Operator. With Justice just releasing their song “Safe and Sound” earlier this month, and Boys Noize releasing their album, “Mayday” in May, this year is starting to sound a lot like my high school soundtrack, and I’m loving it so much. The video for “Runaway” features an amazing dancer, sleep-dancing the night away with twinkling car dealerships, convenience stores, and motels as the backdrop.

  1. Keep Sailing by Petra Collins

I can’t tell you how excited (and slightly confused) I was when I heard that one of my favorite photographers, Petra Collins, was directing a documentary about Lil Yachty. It starts out with a 70’s, vaseline on the lens look and later transitions into dramatic lighting with amazing pinks, purples, and yellows. Part documentary, part musical, we get some insight into how Lil Yachty grew up feeling like an outcast because of his hair and how he became the rapper we know and love today.

  1. Eric Andre at the RNC

Eric Andre is fucking hilarious. I can’t count the amount of times I’ve had my jaw on the floor watching him perform his crazy antics on unsuspecting citizens of New York and Los Angeles. This video takes the cake, though. The response he got from the angry Republican dude telling him “You’re not Martin Luther King” had me cringing more than I ever have this year.

  1. Trainspotting 2 Teaser Trailer

This trailer was probably the most exciting 41 seconds of my life this week. Seemingly out of nowhere, Danny Boyle is directing a sequel to the classic Trainspotting. It seems to take place 21 years after the first iteration, with the entire original cast. Can’t wait to see how this plays out.