Videos of the Week: Video Turing Test

Posted by Jasmine Peraza 2 months ago in Film

The Turing Test is a test that was developed in order to distinguish a computer from a human being. It involves a series of questions that, if you ask a computer, you should be able to tell if they are a human or a computer depending on their answers. However, all of this depends on the human being blindfolded. What do we do when human-like androids run amok around the city? Well, this week I bring you the perfect alternative. Show these videos to anyone, and if they don’t smile, run the other way because they are obviously an evil robot.

1. Big Baby D.R.A.M – “Broccoli feat. Lil Yachty”:

Alright, everyone and their dog have probably heard this song one million times already because it is the official feel good hit of Summer ‘16, but that’s definitely with good reason! This song never fails to cheer me up, no matter how bad of a day I’ve had. Now, we get an equally joy-inducing video to go along with the song. I swear Big Baby D.R.A.M is the golden retriever of rappers. Looking at him had me smiling throughout the whole damn thing. The video even features his equally happy dog named Idnit. Plus, we get hilarious shots of him and Lil Yachty dress up as giant broccoli at the function.

2. Heartsrevolution – “Kishi Kaisei”:

For 13 months, our friends/ electropop trio/ movement Heartsrevolution traveled around LA in a Swarovski crystal encrusted ice cream truck to interact with people throughout the city. They then compiled their adventures and created this video for “Kishi Kaisei,” a song they released on their debut LP Ride or Die back in 2014. The video features a giant rabbit dancing around the city with people from all walks of life and even has a cameo from our very own Franki Chan! Watch it and try not to smile. Then, check out their amazing C.Y.O.A EP, released on IHEARTCOMIX records back in 2007.

3.Beach House – “The Traveller”:

Back in 2015, Beach House surprised everyone when they released Depression Cherry and Thank Your Lucky Stars less than two months apart from each other. As a whole, Thank Your Lucky Stars really felt a lot closer in style to their earliest days. Now, they’ve released this music video for “The Traveller” off of TYLS and it looks exactly like the song feels. The director, Jennifer Juniper Stratford , filmed this using an obsolete television camera and ran the footage through a video synthesizer and broadcast mixer in order to get the amazing digital blooms of color and ghost trails that follow our leading lady. The result is a beautiful 80’s dream in primary colors.

4. How to Dress Well – “Lost Youth/ Lost You”:

Tom Krell of How To Dress Well has just released this music video for “Lost Youth/ Lost You,” off his upcoming album Care, out in September.  It’s pretty much universally known by now that How to Dress Well is sexytime music and this video affirms that. It plays out like the most beautiful orgy you’ve ever seen. With human bodies sensually interweaving through each other in kaleidoscopic patterns, they begin to look less like humans and more like scarves flowing majestically in a breeze.

5. Game of Thrones Season 6 Bloopers:

I love blooper reels. It’s especially fun to see bloopers for serious shows because you get some insight into the actors’ actual personalities. In this blooper reel for Season 6 of Game of Thrones, we see Peter Dinklage fuck up his lines and get a quick look into how they actually film the CGI dragon scenes with Emilia Clarke.

6. Eric Andre Show – Rapper Warrior Ninja:

Alright, if you’ve made it this far without smiling, there’s definitely something wrong with you, but  there’s still a chance that you might be human. If you watch this without laughing, however, I’m sorry to say that you are either a robot and/or dead. In this clip, we get to see Danny Brown, A$AP Rocky, Open Mike Eagle, and Nocando rap blindfolded through a terrifying obstacle course of smelly underwear, mouse traps, and snakes. It’s so funny to watch them start out rapping and then immediately lose their cool once they realize what they’ve signed up for. Season 4 of The Eric Andre Show premieres August 4th at midnight on Adult Swim.


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