October 18th, 2016

I was lucky enough to be able to experience Desert Daze this weekend, which was absolutely incredible. Is it just me or was festival season extra long this year? It was certainly fun but I’m pretty exhausted now and am having trouble adjusting back into normal society. Luckily, lots of videos came out this week so I had a legitimate excuse to lock myself into my dark bedroom and do nothing but watch videos for hours. Here’s the best of the best…

  1. Glass Animals – “Season 2 Episode 3”:

After teasing us with a mini clip last month, Glass Animals have finally released the full version of their music video for “Season 2 Episode 3”. The video features a girl who smokes so much weed that she thinks it’s a good idea to eat mayo out of the jar. She then searches for the remote control, presumably because she is too lazy to get up and change the channel. Then, she enters an 8-bit video game world where she dukes it out with various levels of bosses.

  1. Aesop Rock – “Shrunk”:

I love it when artists I like release videos with similar themes around the same time. It feels like a light form of Jung’s “collective unconscious”. Just like in the Glass Animals video above, Aesop Rock released a music video this week featuring both live action and 8-bit video game scenes, albeit, dealing with the more serious theme of the obstacles surrounding therapy. The video was shot at Ground Kontrol, which is a really great bar-cade that you should check out if you’re ever in Portland!

  1. The Growlers – “I’ll Be Around”:

Just a few days before their infamous Beach Goth fest, The Growlers have shared a video for “I’ll Be Around”. The video for the Julian Casablancas produced track features Brooks on his deathbed, getting really awful treatment at a hospital. The track comes from the album, City Club, out now.

  1. Porter Robinson & Madeon – “Shelter”:

Porter Robinson has just released this animated short film for his collaboration with Madeon. The film was a collaboration with A-1 Pictures and it was written by Porter Robinson himself. The video tells a tale about a young girl who experiences life as the sole human in various virtual reality simulations. I’ve got to warn you, though. It’s definitely a tearjerker.

  1. Shawn Wasabi – Double Happiness Mix:

Our pal Shawn Wasabi just released his Double Happiness Mix over on the amazing 88 Rising Youtube channel, who have been releasing lots of boundary pushing art and music as of late. The upbeat mix is paired with visuals of Shawn dancing on a rooftop with the glittering Tokyo skyline in the distance.

6. Rogue One Trailer #2:

You already know what time it is… a new Rogue One trailer came out this week! It totally delivers with more footage of Darth Vader, but we also get introduced to many more folks from the basically all new line up of characters in the narrative. The film comes out this December 16th!

7. Godzilla facts:

If you’re still looking for a Halloween costume, I can 100% guarantee that you will be the belle of the ball if you decide to go as Godzilla this year. I don’t recommend trying to recreate the original, though, because the suit weighed 220 lbs and was 140 degrees inside.