April 18th, 2017

To be honest, this episode of Videos of the Week was incredibly hard to write…

Why you ask? Well, quite frankly, this week I fell into this weird wormhole of exclusively watching Nine Inch Nails music videos. I fear I may have been put under some sort of magical spell (curse?) without my awareness…

Through much mental determination, I unleashed myself from whatever hex was cast on me for just long enough to research the best videos that came out this week. Here’s the latest visual candy from Kendrick Lamar, Lil Yachty ft. Migos, and Waxahatchee. I’ve also included some sweet vids from some great up and coming artists like Aida, MADEIRA, Husser, and Hovvdy. On the real, I don’t usually fuck with alt-J, but their latest video is quite impressive, so I threw that one in here as well.

Ok, now let me get back to reveling in these amazing late 80’s // early 90’s visual effects.

1. Kendrick Lamar – “DNA.” starring Don Cheadle:

2. Lil Yachty – “Peek A Boo” ft. Migos:

3. MADEIRA – “Come On Thru”:

4. AIDA – “Let’s Ride”:

5. alt-J – 3WW

6. Waxahatchee – “Silver”:

7. Hovvy – “In My Head”:

8. Husser – “Can’t Blame Em”: