fbpx The Girls Room: Angel Haze's Hilarious "No Bueno" Video Featuring Everyone Except Angel Haze
April 24th, 2014

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The latest Angel Haze track  No Bueno is very intense, so it definitely comes as quite a shock that the accompanying video is absolutely hilarious.   Directed by Frank Borin, the clip finds a very diverse pool of individuals, all claiming to be “The Real Angel Haze,” none of whom resemble or sound like Haze at all whatsoever.   Many of these (well if you are tapped into the Los Angeles gay world) are familiar faces ie. director Gina Young and legendary punk rock dancer Malice and are likely hand picked.  As for the rest, it appears as though Borin just swept a net across Hollywood Blvd capturing an endearing array of local eccentrics and the result is priceless!