Watch the IHEARTCOMIX SUPERSHOW from Festival Supreme!

November 18th, 2016

Watch the IHEARTCOMIX SUPERSHOW from Festival Supreme!

As some of you may remember, a couple weeks ago IHEARTCOMIX put together a stage show as part of this year’s Festival Supreme called the IHEARTCOMIX SUPERSHOW. But wait, a stage show?? Since when do you guys do that? Welll… now?

We got approached to participate and we made the shit up! It felt right. This past year we’ve been celebrating our characters we’ve created and generally getting our shit together in terms of building out the IHC universe, so fuck it.

What happened was a fully scripted 2 hours stage show Directed by none other than our very own, Jesus Rivera (aka Demonbabies) and co-written and produced by Jesus and myself (Franki Chan). The show featured a fully filmed new story starring Ethan Mora (of Roadies) and IHC universe characters Death Metal Santa, Anarchy Bunny, Lil Lucifer and McCreeper. The show also featured performances from IHC 1NFINITY artists Gavin Turek, Mark Redito, Chela (feat Banoffee) and VenessaMichaels (feat Lil Tasty).

How was it? A complete shit show and some of the weirdest craziness you’ve ever seen. Don’t believe us? Watch a 8 minute version of it now….