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November 2nd, 2015

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Yesterday we released a video entitled ‘Rave Parking Lot’ with the intention of putting out something satirical and entertaining about the EDM culture of Los Angeles, of which IHEARTCOMIX is a part. This video has ended up ruffling some feathers in ways we didn’t intend, especially in connection with people who we consider friends, so we have decided to delete it. 

The point of this video was always to have fun. Let’s face it, rave culture can be pretty silly at times, but the same can be said for my other favorite, the hair metal scene of the 80’s. Considering the amount of news surrounding recent festivals, it makes sense to take down this video. But fear not, the will be more parking lots to come!


As the 1986 film “Heavy Metal Parking Lot” showed us, sometimes truest incarnation of musical fandom happens not at the show, but in the parking lot.

The parking lot’s where it’s at. Unconstrained by the legal limits of festival security, ruckus abounds. There’s booze, there are tits, there are fanatic ravers alerting the USGS of unknown seismic activity with the reverberation of bass coming from the subs in their Altimas. There is life, and that life adopts very weird/hilarious personas when confronted by cameramen placed in the midst of it all.

Or at least that’s what we discovered when we made “Rave Parking Lot,” our own hilarious take on “Heavy Metal Parking Lot” that we shot at Hard Summer 2013. But since heavy metal is more of a concerning ingredient in Pacific seafood than relevant musical genre to most of today’s taste-making millennials, our version is EDM-flavored. Directed by Franki Chan and edited by Demonbabies, it has all the inebriated people yelling about Armin van Buren you’d ever dream it could have, and the result is just as hilarious as the original but more modern because of all the tank tops.

“Rave Parking Lot” premiered via Noisey earlier today, but you can watch it right here, right now.

(former video)

Those of you who’ve already caught on to the Heavy Metal Parking Lot influence all get gold stars … for the rest of you, check out the trailer for the 1986 film: