We Curated Flaunt Magazine’s First Ever Comic Section

July 14th, 2015

We Curated Flaunt Magazine’s First Ever Comic Section

we curated flaunt magazine first ever comic section ihc

As you may or may not know, IHEARTCOMIX hearts comics. But, it’s been minute since we’ve dabbled in the comic universe, which is why we’re v. excited and honored to announce our collaboration with Flaunt Magazine for their first-ever comic section.

The comic spread was curated by our very own daddy Franki Chan, and features hand-drawn offerings from the likes of Robert Goodin (Fantagraphics) Nick Gazin (Run the Jewels and Vice) and Demonbabies. The section even features the much-anticipated debut of the Grumpy Cat comic, the likes of which we’ve been salivating and sullying our litter-boxes about for months.

And yes, Franki’s hallowed comic career makes a return from the dead, solidifying the back that both he and IHC are back and ready for action in the comic game.

So, in honor of the collaboration and Flaunt’s brand-new spread of awesome comics, we asked Franki to explain to us how the hell this happened and where he found the inspiration to start creating comics again after a years-long hiatus from doing so.

IHC: How did the comic collaboration with Flaunt come about?
Franki: It was an idea that the editors at Flaunt pitched me while we were both drunk at a Coachella party and they had the balls to stick with it!

How did you go about curating the comic selection? Any funny/embarrassing stories about your fellow comic section colleagues?
I wanted to utilize people who are close to the IHC world and who we had collaborated with in the past. Jesus (Demonbabies) and I both make most of the IHC art. Robert and Nick have both created flyers and album art for us. Grumpy is just someone who supports IHC. Ha.

Are comics making a comeback?
Comeback? They never went away! Comics are the coolest art form that and shame on anyone who hasn’t realized that!

We debuted Grumpy Cat’s first comic ever in the issue. What did you think of the comic? What kind of capers would you like to see Grumpy Cat get into in the comic?
Yes we did! I loved it. So fucking funny. It’s not for me to decide, but I can tell you there is a new Grumpy Cat series coming out this fall via Dynamite Comics and we will all find out then!

How long has it been since your last comic? What made you decide to get back into making them?
Ten years! I never meant to stop, but life has been really busy with IHC. I hope that this leads to doing more.

How did you decide which story to tell with your own comic?
Flaunt had a theme: Summer camp. So that was a great place to start. Then I had a story I began writing last year and never finished, so I took the best parts of that at adapted it into this. It felt great to finally get it out.

You can see all the summer camp-themed comics in Flaunt’s “Summer Camp Issue,” which is is out now and available in stores and online … but you can also check them out down below because making people wait for comics is the blue ball of the modern age.



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