September 1st, 2015

venessa michaels takes myspace questionnaire q&a

VenessaMichaels is LA’s hottest new producer. Naturally I’m referring to hotness as in ‘hawtness’ (look at her) but studies show that at least 69 percent of her heat comes from her massive future bass and future hip-hop production talent. She’s already released a slew of mega-bangers this year, including pulse-pounding originals like “Whatcha On” and “I Need That,” which you can listen to below, and her bright, summertime vibes have already got us addicted.

So, in preparation for her upcoming ClubIHC performance this Friday, we decided to see what she’s really about using the quickest window to the soul we could think of; a MySpace survey from 2002. Yes, MySpace, because no other online questionnaire probes so deeply, and no other internet inquiry lets the light of an artist’s true personality show through in quite the same way as a list of juvenile “Have you ever …” questions. Put that fact on your Top 8 right in between Tom and the Official Avenged Sevenfold Fan Blub.

Oh, and we’re leaving all grammatical and spelling errors in it as they are, because MySpace is a place for YOU to be YOU n’ stuff.

But before you scroll down and immerse yourself in VenessaMichael’s innermost thoughts and fantasies, click play on her latest release below. It’s an original production with vocalists Tay Jasper and Joelle James that highlights Venessa’s ear for talent and the duo’s amazing voices.

Hear it live at ClubIHC on September 4th (TICKETS HERE) alongside performances from Stooki Sound, Promnite and Astronomar.


Eye Color:  Brown
Hair Color:  Brown
AIM Screen Name:  NesSaSliDe45
Favorite Band:  No Doubt
Favorite Movie:  Death Proof / House Bunny
Favorite Show:  Arrested Development
Your Car:  Totaled
Your Hometown:  Encinitas
Your Present Town:  W Hollywood
Your Crushes First Name:  Mitchel
Your Grade:  N/A
Your Style: funky
* . . Have You Ever . . *
Sat on your rooftop?  Of Course
Kissed someone in the rain?  ;) have I ever
Danced in a public place?  Every day
Smiled for no reason? :)
Laughed so hard you cried?   OFTEN
Written a song?  Many
Performed on a stage?  Yes :)
Talked to someone you don’t know?  Yes
Gone out of your way to befriend someone?  Definitely
Made out in a theatre? Only in the back row
Gone roller skating since 8th grade? No ~ Let’s fix this
Been in love?  Yes ☺
* . . What’s the last . . *
Time you laughed? Right now cuz snap chat close ups
Time you cried? brb
Movie you watched? The Taking of Deborah Logan (I blame my manager Devan) worst movie ever guys don’t watch
Joke you told? I’m more of a pointing out the ridiculous in things kinda person.
Song you’ve sang?  U don’t have to call by Usher
Drink you’ve had?  Hamaica
Book you’ve read?  Started reading #GIRLBOSS then lost the book tbh
Food you’ve eaten?  Fish taco combo
Thing you’ve said? what do you mean?
* . . Can You . . *
Write with both hands?  Fluent with the right hand, basic on the left
Whistle?  All day
Blow a bubble?  I can blow a bubble inside a bubble
Roll your tongue in a circle?  Just tried and yes
Cross your eyes?  No :(
Touch your tongue to your nose?  Like a millimeter off
Dance? I can C Walk on the low
Gleek?  On accident
Stay up a whole night without sleep?  Only for studio sessions.
Speak a different language?  Pretty sure I can speak Spanish? I’m out of touch
Impersonate someone? ShrryCola
Prank call people?  Shoutout Nahnomie just prank called her the other night
Make a card pyramid?  Yes
Cook anything? I can cook an epic top ramen meal or ceviche
* . . Finish The Line . . *
If i were a … turtle, I would protect my frenz with my shell
I wish …  no one had to worry bout nothin
So many people don’t know that …  I believe in aliens
I am …  a lion
My heart is …  BumpiN