May 14th, 2012

Welcome to the BETA version of the new IHEARTCOMIX (or IHC as we’re now referring to ourselves)!

A new website has been a long time in the making for us. Dating all the way back to when IHEARTCOMIX first started putting out records, we were always dissatisfied with our website and were never able to get it to a point where it could be exactly what we needed it to be.  We were young and brash, focused on the moment and probably had too much going on.  It was an exciting time, but also one we learned a lot from.

Here we are several years later and IHC is just starting to enter a new era. A year and half ago we (along with Media Contender) brought back our event series, Check Yo Ponytail, and now IHC is positioning ourselves as a full fledged events production and promotion company.  As you will see, the focus on this site is advertising and pushing events, parties and shows.  We want there to be a clear voice and we plan on providing a sense of quality, branding and creativeness to the types of events we’ll be doing.

You’ll notice first and foremost that there are a LOT of new and unannounced shows! Let me be upfront and let you know that these are only the tip of the iceberg.  Not only will there be a ton more coming down the pipeline, but also shows in other markets outside Los Angeles and tours! IHC has a big plan that we are excited to roll out over the next couple years that we’ll hope you will join us for!

Some of you may be wondering about the other sides of IHEARTCOMIX, like our record label, the blog content and various other things.  Well, we haven’t released a new album since 2009.  Does that mean the record label is over? No. It’s just not our focus at the moment, but rest assured, there may be some life left in the old girl yet. As for IHC being a blog and content resource, those you can depend on.  We’ll still be using IHC.com to talk about all kinds of things we feel are interesting, only this time with a renewed and stronger voice.

In the coming year, IHC.com will evolve even further (hence the ‘Beta’).  We have a bunch of surprises up our sleeves yet, but for now, enjoy this taste of the future!

See you at the shows!




Make sure to check out our new IHC/CYP2/SMOG full page ad in this week’s LA Weekly!