WeTalkMusic Ep.2 with Julia Holter & Braids

Posted by Jacqueline Wongso 2 months ago in Music

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Oh FORM Arcosanti, the magical land of inspiration and dreams. If you don’t remember, WeTransfer started WeTalkMusic with host Tris Tian.

“WeTalkMusic digs into who artists are, and how that identity formed,” said Lukas Nieuwenhuijsen, WeTransfer’s Music Partnership Director. “In this series we explore tracks that inspire and define them in ways that go beyond the formulaic interview format. We want artists to show different sides of themselves by selecting songs based on questions they wouldn’t normally be asked, to avoid the interview responses they’ve been repeating for years.”


In this episode, they had Julia Holter and Raphaelle from Braids talk about the tracks they chose to share.


Listen here:


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