YOU ARE ALL FUCKED out on BitTorent Now!

July 12th, 2016

YOU ARE ALL FUCKED out on BitTorent Now!

Our very own Jesus Rivera aka Demonbabies made a short called YOU ARE ALL FUCKED and it’s available over at Bittorent Now! You can WATCH or download YOU ARE ALL FUCKED for free , well…NOW!

YOU ARE ALL FUCKED is a short procedural meditation of a psycho-killer who transcends the mundane landscapes of the subconscious and leaps terrifyingly into the dark alleys of the waking mind.


Q&A with the director Jesus Rivera & Co-Writer Jonnie Prey

What inspired the concept for the video?

I have always loved the idea of mixing high-brow art gallery grade video performance art with lowbrow Grindhouse, sleazy big-boxed VHS horror movies of my youth. The directors commentary Abel Ferrara provides for the film ‘Driller Killer’ is everything.

There is a very specific color palette, texture, and overall visual design. How did you define the style?

Old haunts in the mind. Late nights in cable tv land. My grandfather’s weird stag mag stash in the early 80’s.

Describe how you paired with music?

I have an open head slit wound that accepts USB audio love streams.

I noticed used music from Jodorowsky’s HOLY MOUNTAIN – who else are you inspired by?

Bob Ross, Carlo Rambaldi, Paul McCarthy, Mike Kelley, Carey Loren and the realm that is ‘Destroy All Monsters’, Ralph Eugene Meatyard, Günter Brus, Otto Muehl, bad candy, shitty halloween masks, melting faces and the little people who hide in your basement.

Do you guys storyboard, do you pre-vis, do you shot list? What do you go into the shoot with?

Boners. I dunno, It usually starts out as a kernel of an idea albeit one that has a potent initial image. I will concoct one idea and Jonnie Prey (my creative partner) will help layer it over with sleaze magic. From there, we just move, groove, intertwine and see what happens. Also, It is the first piece in a trilogy. There may or may not be cowboys involved in the future.

How do you collaborate with your creative team?

I wouldn’t say that I have much of a team. A lot of times, it’s myself and Jonnie Prey. We have a very easy time riffing on imagery. I may have an initial visual idea that he will elaborate on or vice versa. It is fairly organic and collaborative by nature.

And that last shot, was the original idea what we see in the final cut? Did it change/evolve?

I really wanted something punchy and I can usually count on Jonnie-boy to deliver the goods. I can’t take credit for face-on-blood cock. That was his nightmare regurgitation.