November 4th, 2015

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Being phenomenal nerds ourselves, it’s no surprise that many of the artists we work with have the same proclivities for nerdom as we do. And nothing makes us salivate with nerd juice more than Star Wars.

The new trailer for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” has been out for a minute, but some of us are just now getting around letting the reality that there are still wars to be fought in the stars hit us, so in attempt to moderate our own rabid excitement about it, we asked some of our favorite Star Wars fanatics like Neon Indian, No Age and Andrew W.K. what they thought it it … just to see if we’re normal.

Neon Indian

“Stoked they threw in a Mexican X-Wing pilot!!”

Nicole Miglis (Hundred Waters)

“OMG that trailer is so crazy. There is literally so much going on I could hardly keep up!”

Randy Randall (No Age)

“I am so stoked on the new trailer. I can’t wait for Episode VII. It is awesome to see Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher together again. I want to see Mark Hammel, but I think the are keeping him hidden for a reason. His voice was in the first trailer but now he is nowhere to be seen. He isn’t even on the poster. I am trying not to read into any spoilers or theories, I just want to see the movie. I already have tickets for the Thursday 12/17 7 p.m. 3D screening. Stoked!!!”

Katie Monks (Dilly Dally)

“So fucking happy to eat up all the nostalgia. But new, exciting story lines and character development is what’s really going to make this movie wicked or not. Futuristic Darth Vader. New Jedi bro and that badass brunette who looks stressed out all the time … new spaceships, new droids … that’s what we’re most stoked to check out.”

Andrew W.K.

“I wish I was in the movie and it needs more Party-ing!”

Joey Howard (Fan Fiction)

“I remember watching J. J. Abrams’ Star Trek and thinking that it felt a lot like the original Star Wars trilogy — the not-so-glossy depiction of the future, characters that you’d want to hang out with, awesome settings … J. J.’s a fanboy. I think he’ll be doing everything he can to stay as true to the originals as possible, and I also think he understands that the series, at its core, is about good stories. With Michael Ardt (Little Miss Sunshine, Toy Story 3, Brave, Inside Out) writing the script for Episode VII, we should be pretty set.”

Mark Redito

“Oh my god, I just had goosebumps! Amazing casting choices too. I am so fucking hyped!”


“I really like the feel of this new trailer! This outer space hot-line or call center scene with all the women is really poignant, I wonder who is calling them? And who do they work for? And then the hyper-minimalism of every individual room, (are these interiors of some sort of new Rebel Alliance space station?) really goes well with this new lead character. I can’t believe that racists are freaking out that a person of color has a leading roll in this film, he dances really well for a storm trooper! But why is this storm trooper so lonely?  I can’t wait to find out who was calling him on his cell phone! I’m not sure is James Turrell was directly involved in the set design for this battle station, but if he wasn’t, they totally ripped him off. Seems like everyone wants to get that high art credibility right now. The shots of the women on the white staircase are just gorgeous, are they the storm troopers love interests? It’s really great to see a return to form for James Turell.”