Zane Lowe Name With You. and Vince Staples’ Track “Ghost” the World’s Hottest Record

August 6th, 2015

Zane Lowe Name With You. and Vince Staples’ Track “Ghost” the World’s Hottest Record

vince staples with you. ghosts zane low hottest track

You know how Haley Joel Osment sees ghosts in The Sixth Sense because he’s a creep-dick little kid who never discovered punk rock or baseball?

Well, Vince Staples sees ghosts on With You.‘s new track because he’s really fucking high.

Ha! Just when reruns of Ghost Adventures were starting to get stale.

With You.  is a new super-group made up of Rick Trainor, Jeff Penalva, Noah Schy, Daouda Leonard and Dave Taylor (Switch, for all you noobs), and their latest offering, “Ghost” is a sweet ass minimal house tune that’ll get your feet moving and DAT ASS shaking, if only from fear of the paranormal. The beat is a small pulse that thumps and builds as the tune progresses, and Vince Staples’ distorted, vaguely possed voice and eerie flow makes it very clear that he’s is on the track too, and dude is so f*cked up, he’s having run-ins with grandma. RIP, grandma.

Now, once I was so high that the mini-pretzels I was eating started to resemble that really old guy from Up, but Vince’s high is on a whole ‘nother level with this track … so much so that Zane Lowe just named it one of the hottest records in the world right now.

Follow his sound advice and add it to your “Songs to See Nana To” Spotify playlist.

Judging from this song and their first single “Speak,” With You. is definite a project to watch you should laser focus your love and attention on if you don’t want to be haunted by ghosts of what your musical taste once was. Their SoundCloud page is here.