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10 CL Quotes That Perfectly Illustrate Her Badass-ery

October 6th, 2015

10 CL Quotes That Perfectly Illustrate Her Badass-ery

10 cl quotes that perfectly illustrate her badassery

As Mugatu would say: CL! She’s so hot right now, and with the recent announcement on Dazed about her upcoming Lifted EP, the CL mania is just getting started. It’s cool, though. We can’t get enough of her either, so we scoured the internet and deep-webbed Chaelin to find some of the most inspiring and awesome things that The Baddest Female has said thus far in her career.


“Music has no language barrier. It’s just music, you could just listen to it and feel it. When you’re on stage, you connect to it. It doesn’t matter if it’s in Korean, or in English. It’s just a matter of what we show and inspire.”


“I’m childish, that’s my charm. I’m fearless, that’s my youth.”


“My personality is always black and white. It’s never in the middle.”


“I didn’t want to go drinking and have heard that that sounded cocky, should I say that you should think of me cutely instead?”


“A lot of Asian girls love being basic because it’s safe. But the thing is, a lot of my fans are those girls, and they want to be bolder, but there’s no one they could look up to and be like, ‘It’s OK to be that way.’”


“I like a man that I can respect. Except for young men. Other than age, as long as our conversation flows well and his butt isn’t flat, it’ll work.”


“Truthfully, I’d like for people to think that I’m cool. I don’t think I’ve ever thought of wanting to be sexy. I just want to be a cool woman.”


“Diplo canceled a session on me and I was so mad at him. I was drinking a can of Dr. Pepper and wrote [Doctor Pepper] so I could go home as soon as possible.”


“I’m always in a state of mental breakdown while performing. Someone who has lost her senses. It’s not fun if I’m thinking too much.”


“I’m not afraid of failure. Even if I wore something that didn’t match me well and ugly photos are taken.. then well, that’d just be that. It’s not fun to try things that are safe from the very start.”

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